Student Success and Parent Engagement

At the University of Dayton, we know the college experience is about more than making the grade or finishing that huge project; it's also about the journey students take to earn their degree. That's why our Office of Student Success and Parent Engagement is available to guide students and their families toward obtaining the most positive experience possible from the time of enrollment through your graduation as a UD Flyer.

We know watching your son or daughter go to college can be difficult. You're the parent, the one who has provided love and support for the last 18 years. You only want the best for your child. But don't worry - so do we. As a parent, you are invited and encouraged to contact the Office of Student Success and Parent Engagement if you have questions or concerns about anything at all.

We're here for your child. But we're here for you, too.

Health and Wellness

The University of Dayton is deeply committed to the health and welfare, and ultimate success and happiness, of our campus community. We provide high-quality health care through the University of Dayton Student Health Center, along with counseling and education designed to aid in lifelong good health.

The University is also home to a student-run, volunteer Emergency Medical Services squad. With more than 60 nationally and locally certified members and a fully-equipped ambulance, the Rescue Squad is prepared to respond to all medical and trauma emergencies.

In addition, the RecPlex, a $25.3 million, 125,000 square foot facility, provides equipment, classes and amenities to stay in shape. And with more than 70 percent of students participating in intramural or club sports, the University is known for having an active lifestyle.

New Student Programs

The transition from high school to college is exciting and overwhelming, both for new students and for their families. To help students make the most of their college experience and facilitate a smooth transition into the University of Dayton community, incoming students participate in a series of programs, beginning with New Student Orientation.

Each fall, the New Student Programs office also welcomes parents and siblings to campus during Family Weekend.

Frequently Requested Offices

There are offices all over campus to assist you.

In addition to the offices listed elsewhere on our website, we have compiled a list of offices that are most frequently used by parents.

If you're looking for a specific office that isn't listed here, simply type the name of the office into the search box at the top of the page.