Walk in the Park

04.24.2014 | Campus and Community
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The University of Dayton's Old River Park opened this month on a limited-use basis for recognized University of Dayton student organizations and non-profit charitable organizations.

Any organization interested in renting Old River Park for an event should contact the University of Dayton Office of Facilities Management, which will evaluate and approve events.

"Student programming comes first, and the University would like to help non-profit organizations so they don't have to spend their limited amount of funds securing a location for their events," said Beth Keyes, vice president for facilities management.

Non-profit groups using the park must purchase insurance in compliance with the University's risk management requirements, and all users must provide portable, accessible toilets, as the park's restrooms remain closed. Event organizers must also station a volunteer every 50 feet along the shore of the water surrounding the park to prevent visitors from entering the water.

The park remains closed to the public.

The University has spent more than $250,000 from internal funds on safety enhancements and upgrades to the park, Keyes said, since its closure in 2011. Facilities management has removed trees and hanging limbs, resurfaced cart paths and repaired several shelters. Improvements have been limited to a small section of the park, and more funding is needed to complete repairs and upgrades throughout the park before opening it to more visitors, Keyes added.

The 45-acre park opened in 1939 for NCR employees and their families. It closed in 1998, but reopened weekends in the summer of 2009 under the management of Dayton History. The University assumed ownership in December 2009 when it bought NCR's former world headquarters and 115 acres of land. The park includes a 1.5-mile scenic moat, miniature golf course, oversized checkerboards, playground and two miles of walking paths. 

For more information, contact Shawn Robinson, associate director of media relations, at 937-229-3391 or srobinson@udayton.edu.