Bright Job Outlook for College Grads

05.01.2006 | Culture and Society, Students

This is the best job market for college graduates since 2000. More


Beyond Traditional Borders

05.01.2006 | Fine Arts, Campus and Community

The University of Dayton and Cityfolk have created the World Rhythms Artist Residency Program. More


Attention-grabbing Resumes

05.01.2006 | Students, Business

Here's a resume that grabs attention. Jenna LaFrankie will graduate from the University of Dayton with two degrees--and the experience of managing a $1.2 million company while a student. More


Champion for Students

04.27.2006 | Faculty

Bill Schuerman, UD's unflappable vice president of student development and dean of students, will step down in June 2007 after more than two decades in the post. More


That One?

04.25.2006 | Research, Students, Culture and Society

How accurate are eyewitnesses? A senior psychology major will present his research at a national conference as the debate grows over methods to identify suspects. More