Confirmation Program for UD Students

Confirmation Preparation

1. Everyone is asked to start writing a personal autobiography of faith.

  • This should be the story of your life which includes more than the passing events;
  • Try to find the most significant things that happened to you and talk about why they were important.
  • Sometimes these will be happy events, sometimes they will be tragedies.
  • Also include anything you can remember about how faith in God or membership in the Church helped or hindered you along this path of life.
  • The main purpose of this exercise is for yourself;
  • You will also be asked to share it with Father Jerry in absolute confidence.

2. Everyone will be asked to prepare for every session.

  • Sharing our faith and insights and applications to the scriptures and other readings is at the core of our preparation process.
  • You will need:
  • A notebook;
  • A “Christian Community Bible”  or "New American Bible" Catholic Study Bible version:
  • The Tradition of Catholic Prayer, ISBN-13:978-0-8146-3184-3

3. Each session will include the following elements:

  • Reflection and sharing on the upcoming Sunday Scripture readings
  • A process to discuss, share and apply the inner-meaning of the reading assignment to our daily lives.

4. Do you have a "Soul-Friend"?

  • Everyone is asked to find someone who can be for them a “soul-friend”, in other words someone with whom you can share in a deep and personal way on the things of faith that we ponder together in our preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation.
  • This person ought to be a Roman Catholic (a Byzantine Rite Catholic, or any Eastern Rite Catholic is—of course— allowed)
  • This person should know from the outset that being a Sponsor will mean more than showing up on the day of your Confirmation. That this responsibility will mean a week-by-week sharing on things about faith and life.
  • This person may be male or female but may not be your significant other nor your fiancée nor your spouse.
  • This person may come to any or all of the Meeting Sessions with you.
  • They should come to at least two sessions during the Semester.
  • This person should fill out an information “Sponsor Sheet” for Father Jerry.