hunger and homelessness awareness week

Sharing Loaves and Fishes

November 16-22, 2013

This week across the nation communities are acknowledging a national crisis: Hunger and Homelessness. To some it may seem that these issues are unrelated; what do bellies have to do with beds? Two leading factors contributing to homelessness over the past 25 years are an increase in poverty levels and a lack of affordable housing. Homelessness is caused by all sorts of problem such as job loss, addiction, domestic abuse, foreclosure and mental illness and includes all sorts of demographics from adults to children, from veterans to immigrants. Imagine the streets full of hungry people that have slept in the cold. Would they be angry seeing the satiated of us vacantly acknowledge their existence? As Christians, we can read a very stark call in Matthew 25 in which our very response to the hungry and the homeless dictates our salvation. This week we hope to answer some of the questions and dilemmas that come up when considering the "least among us."

The Week's Events


Donate a Meal

Look for tables in KU, Marycrest or VWK during the Week of Nov. 11 to donate one or two of your meals or some money off of your Flyer Express card. The proceeds will go towards providing Thanksgiving food to local Dayton families!

Thanksgiving Food Baskets

We are collecting non-perishable food items to donate to local families. Departments, clubs, floors, individuals, etc. are encouraged to donate full baskets or a monetary amount. If you would like to donate food or money, please email us!

Saturday, November 16- Kids Against Hunger Meal Packaging

Time: 10am-3pm

Location: MAC gym at the REC Plex

Come and package meals with us that will be sent out internationally to help us reduce the number of children who die from hunger each day. You can signup for a shift at the Center for Social Concern in Liberty Hall. For more information you can contact Haleigh Lamb at

Sunday, November 17-Service at Target Dayton

Time: 4pm-7pm

Location: Meet at Liberty at 4pm then head to Target Dayton

Serve a meal for your brothers and sisters at Target Dayton and join the community in a prayer service. Signup is at the Center for Social Concern at Liberty Hall. Space is limited.

Monday, November 18- Speaker Keith McHenry Founder of Food Not Bombs

Time: 7pm

Location: Sears Recital Hall

Come learn about Food Not Bombs, an organization that has been smashing hunger for almost three decades. Keith will talk about the principles and history of Food Not Bombs and its participation in the global transformation away from corporate domination. There will be a cooking demonstration and video presentation. For more information, contact Claudia Guzman at

Tuesday, November 19- Table of Plenty on Homelessness and Mental Health

Time: 12pm

Location: Liberty Hall 08

Come share a meal and have an open discussion on homelessness and mental health. Meal and discussion are free all you have to do is RSVP here.

Tuesday, November 19-Poverty Simulation

Time: 7:30pm

Location: KU Ballroom

Come learn and experience what it is like to be a family that lives below the poverty level. Sign up here.

Wednesday, November 20- Movie Screening on Poverty

Time: 9:15pm

Location: ArtStreet Studio B

For more information on the film being showed contact Claudia Guzman at

Thursday, November 21- Homelessness Plunge

Time: evening and overnight (tba)

Location: Outside of Homefull Homeless Shelter

Sleep out with homeless people and staff members from the homeless shelter.  You'll learn a LOT! Sign up here.

Friday, November 22- Prayer Service

Time: 5pm

Location: Immaculate Conception Chapel

Take an hour out of your day to pray for our brother and sisters who are victims of poverty. This prayer service will mark the end to Hunger and Homelessness Week.