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First-Year Housing Information

At the University of Dayton, there's more to residential life than the conveniences in your residence hall. It's also about developing that sense of community we are famous for. It's about meeting new people and broadening your horizons. It's about knowing you can ask questions, explore academic pursuits and learn new things at any time of day — or night.

First-year students are encouraged to live in a learning-living community (LLC), a dynamic environment that fosters opportunities to meet new people with shared academic interests. As part of an LLC, your hallmates become your classmates (not to mention your close friends), giving you a tight-knit group with whom to study, discuss issues, get advice and even challenge to an all-night Wii tournament. 

You can make your LLC selection as part of the course preference process that takes place on Porches in May. Your housing and LLC assignment, along with your roommate's information, will be posted on Porches in July.

Benefits of LLCs

Spill soda on your notes? No need to panic; you can borrow your roommate's. Have a question about today's lecture? Discuss it with your next door neighbor. Want to make sure you're prepared for the big midterm exam? Form a study group on your floor. 

Through your LLC, you'll have access to planned events on topics that interest you — whether it's viewing a new indy film, participating in a service project, exploring local museums or discussing contemporary issues with an expert on a topic.

Research shows that LLCs help improve grades and study habits. In other words, you'll make great friendships with people who share your interests while having the added benefit of doing well in school. 

Student Quotes

Take it from a current student — LLCs are active, convenient, exciting and supportive places to live and learn. 

"Adjusting to college life as a first-year student is hard enough, and then adding on the course load is sometimes an overwhelming experience. But as part of an integrated LLC, one thing was stable in the midst of the unknown. Familiar faces from my floor, such as my roommate, were in my classes. In fact, many of the people who would become my closest friends were in my English class. This is such a positive aspect in the first-year experience."

"One of the best aspects of the learning community is the relationships with other students. It allows me to gain friendships with students who share my major and passion for life."

"For a girl from Maryland who didn’t know anyone else at UD, [my LLC] floor was a social savior. We studied together, helped each other with papers and grew to spend tons of time outside of class together.