The Calligraphy of the Saint John's Bible

Friday, Nov. 8
3 – 5 p.m.
Studio 042, LTC, ground floor, Roesch Library
Limited seating
Off-campus attendees, please obtain a parking pass at the Visitor Center off Stewart and Brown Streets

The Saint John’s Bible is a work of art and theology that took a team of artists and calligraphers fifteen years to complete. It is the first handwritten and illuminated Bible commissioned by the Benedictines in more than 500 years. Join us as we explore the script of this monumental work. Why calligraphy? How are the letters used in the Saint John’s Bible different from those used elsewhere? How are mistakes handled in a massive book made of calf skin vellum?

Dayton artist, designer, and calligrapher John Emery will impart an appreciation of the artistry of calligraphy during this two-hour session that will include demonstration, information and an opportunity for hands-on practice by participants. The workshop is offered in conjunction with the exhibit of The Heritage Edition of the Saint John’s Bible on display in the first floor gallery of Roesch Library from October 18 – November 15, 2013.

Mr. Emery will build an understanding of the processes involved in the design of unique letter styles such as those used in the Saint John’s Bible. He will discuss layout process, and lettering skills and techniques used in calligraphy. Participants will have the choice of simply observing and learning, or they can roll up their sleeves and try their hand at lettering with inks and pen point nibs under Mr. Emery’s guidance.

The session will be structured to allow attendees to come and go as they desire. Stay for the entire two hours and make the most of the information and chance to practice calligraphy or come for a short time. Mr. Emery will be reviewing different letters of the Saint John’s style as the workshop progresses. He will be able to easily bring people up-to-speed as they enter.

This workshop is presented by the University Libraries and is free and open to the public. Materials are included. Self-tour the exhibit in the Roesch Library first floor gallery prior to and after the workshop.

University Libraries have made a commitment to add The Heritage Edition of the Saint John’s Bible to the rare book collection of the Marian Library. One or two volumes will be on display throughout the year and we will encourage use of the Bible at special liturgies, masses, prayer services, bible study and retreats. It is an opportunity for the University of Dayton to own a 21st century Bible created with ancient techniques and yet featuring imagery of our times. Please consider supporting this acquisition with a donation.