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Introducing eCommons

University Libraries are pleased to announce a new service called eCommons — an electronic publishing and repository platform which showcases the scholarly and creative output of the University of Dayton community. Our goal is to collect, organize and provide perpetual access to the intellectual output of UD. eCommons provides a method of professional publishing for UD faculty, staff and students. University Libraries is here to help you. We have the tools and expertise to get you and the University of Dayton recognized worldwide.

Benefits of eCommons

eCommons at University of Dayton will:

  • Help maximize the distribution of your research — studies show that open access articles are viewed and cited more frequently than nonopen access articles, which increases an article’s impact.
  • Give you a permanent space to archive and distribute your publications, presentations, data sets or any research/scholarly output you wish to share — with permanent URLs, your entries will always be findable.
  • Help authors retain control over their copyright — publishers typically retain copyright over your work when it’s published. However, authors often have the option of placing copies of their work in their institution’s repository.
  • Provide you with monthly readership reports — monthly download statistics provide evidence that your scholarship is being read. eCommons is optimized to ensure high visibility in Google and Google Scholar.

Other services include journal and event hosting, data management and centralized storage, preservation and open access to the University of Dayton’s historical records.