Study Carrel Policy

Full-time UD faculty engaged in research or writing and graduate students writing a dissertation or thesis are eligible to use a library carrel for research purposes. Emeritus faculty also are eligible to use carrels. Carrel assignments are normally for an academic year; semester rentals are available by special arrangement. Carrels are for the use of the faculty member or graduate student only, and may not be rented for the use of family members or others.  There is also a limit of one carrel per faculty member or graduate student. There is a $100.00 fee for the use of a carrel for one year ($50.00 for one semester if approved).

Faculty and emeriti will be asked to provide evidence of an active research agenda as part of their application; graduate students must furnish a letter from their thesis or dissertation adviser. Carrels and their keys are assigned through the Library Operations Coordinator.

Carrels must be renewed yearly and a new application will be required.  Faculty successfully reapplying will normally keep the same carrel.  Carrels may be made available to visiting scholars or for other special assignment at the discretion of the Dean or Associate Dean. Carrels and their keys are assigned through the Library Operations Coordinator.

A minimum of twenty closed study carrels are reserved for daily use by faculty and students on a ‘first come… first served’ basis.  These carrels may be requested at the Circulation/Reserve desk where the room will be checked out to the patron the same way a book is checked out to their library patron record. Upon return of the key, the room will be checked in. If a user leaves the building, they are to return the key to the Circulation/Reserve desk at that time.

Faculty carrel terms of use are posted in each library carrel.  All carrel users are expected to abide by these, along with all applicable University and Library policies. 

rev. 8/09/13