Donating Materials to University Libraries

The Libraries are pleased to accept donations of books, periodicals, and other materials in good physical condition which support the research and teaching mission of the University. All donated materials will be evaluated in accordance with the Libraries General Collection Policies for newly purchased materials. Upon receipt, donated materials become the property of the Libraries and will be reviewed by appropriate library personnel. Materials which are in poor physical condition, duplicate existing holdings, or fall outside the scope of the Libraries General Collection Policies may be disposed of through sale, donation, exchange, or discard.

Due to the high cost of processing donations, the Libraries reserves the right to decline any gifts. The Gifts Liaison must be contacted prior to donating any materials to the libraries. Donations brought to the library without prior notification will be declined and no formal acknowledgment will be sent.

Before bringing a donation to University Libraries, donors should box all materials and contact the Libraries Gifts Liaison to discuss any special circumstances concerning their donation.

If donors wish to donate materials for the general collection, please contact our Gifts Liaison, Ione Damasco, at 937-229-4238 or via e-mail.

University Libraries also welcomes monetary gifts to support its collections, programs and facilities. For further information regarding monetary gifts, donors should contact Jane Dunwoodie at 937-229-4266.

Donating to Special Collections & the Marian Library

Several of the Library’s collections handle their gifts directly. Donors who wish to donate to the U.S. Catholic Collection, University Archives, Special Collections, or the Marian Library should contact them directly to make provisions for their donation.

  • U.S. Catholic Collection: contact Fred Jenkins at 937-229-4272 or via e-mail
  • University Archives & Special Collections: contact Fred Jenkins at 937-229-4272 or via e-mail
  • Marian Library: contact Fr. Thomas Thompson at 937-229-4252 or via e-mail

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Guidelines for Donating Materials to the General Collection

Library staff share the donor's concern that gift materials will actually be used at the Libraries. Therefore, donors considering donating to the library must contact the Gifts Liaison before donating materials to the library. It will often be possible to determine the appropriateness of a proposed gift with a simple telephone call.

In general, the following materials are not appropriate gifts for the library and will be subject to disposition (exceptions immediately follow this list):

  • Materials not published within the last 2 calendar years
  • Materials which duplicate existing holdings (including standard editions of classic works)
  • Textbooks and workbooks
  • Newspapers and popular magazines
  • Mass media paperbacks
  • Musical scores and recordings
  • Photocopied materials
  • Damaged and/or brittle materials

Exceptions to these guidelines include, but are not limited to, popular Catholic newspapers and magazines, textbooks used by Catholic schools, other materials that reflect the U.S. Catholic experience, and certain musical scores and recordings. Donations that fall into these categories may be appropriate for some of our special collections. Donors who wish to donate Catholic materials should contact Fred Jenkins directly at 937-229-4272 or via e-mail. For non-Catholic materials that might be appropriate for our special collections, including rare books, donors should contact Fred Jenkins directly at 937-229-4272 or via e-mail.

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Retention and Circulation of Gifts

Under normal circumstances, gifts to which the donor has attached conditions, such as those concerning retention, housing, classification and use, will not be accepted for inclusion in the Library collection.

University Libraries is responsible for determining the retention, location, cataloging treatment, and other considerations relating to the use or disposition of gift materials.

Under normal circumstances, the Libraries will not accept gifts when their physical condition does not allow normal library shelving and use.

Under normal circumstances, the Libraries will not accept gifts on which a donor places restrictions that will negatively affect the use of the materials. Exceptions may be made, particularly in terms of rare or archival materials. Contact University Archives & Special Collections for these types of materials.

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Acknowledgment and Receipt

University Libraries makes written acknowledgment of all gifts accepted. The letter of acknowledgment notes the number of volumes received but does not include a list of the items or an estimate of the value of the gift.

The Libraries will not notify donors of each title's disposition or return items not added to the collection unless prior arrangements have been made.

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Tax Issues

All material gifts to University of Dayton Roesch Library are considered noncash charitable donations. In accordance with United States tax regulations the Libraries will not appraise the value of gifts in kind.

Each donor is responsible for determining their personal tax obligations and whether their gift requires appraisal. Any tax deduction over $5,000 will require a professional appraisal, for which the donor will be responsible. Donors should consult their tax advisor in all cases, as the tax code regarding charitable donations is revised frequently. Donors may also want to take a look at the Internal Revenue Service's Web site

Please note: once a gift enters the processing workflow, the Libraries can no longer accommodate an appraiser; therefore, donors considering a tax deduction who wish to have their collection appraised should do so prior to making the donation.

On request, the Libraries will provide an itemized written acknowledgment for tax purposes; however, the Libraries is not permitted to assign a cash value to gifts. Donors who want an itemized donation acknowledgment must submit a list of donated titles with each donation.

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Relevant IRS Publications

  • Publication 526 - Charitable Contributions
  • Publication 561 - Determining the Value of Donated Property
  • Form 8283 - Noncash Charitable Contributions
  • Instructions for Form 8283
  • Form 1040 Schedule A - Itemized Deductions

Reviewed by Library Faculty 10/03/2012

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