Building Use

The University Libraries are committed to maintaining an atmosphere conductive to research and study. Behavior of groups or individuals which disrupts or obstructs the library-related work and activities of the University community is prohibited. To report disruptive activity, go to the first floor Circulation desk or call 229-4234.

The art gallery located in the Roesch Library first floor lobby is open to exhibitors of paintings, photographs, or 3-dimensional artwork. Exhibit hours are identical to hours the library is open. Pieces may be hung on the walls or placed in the glass cases as available. Second floor walls may also be used with special permission. Priority of scheduling is given to University of Dayton visual arts department students, University faculty, and staff. Call 937-229-4094 for more information.


Cell phones

To promote a quiet and productive research and study environment, please limit your cell phone usage to areas least likely to disturb others, such as the stairwells. As a courtesy, please set your cell phone to vibrate or silent mode when entering the library. Please keep your conversations brief and conduct them in a low voice. The library reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the library if he/she is using a cell phone that is disturbing others in any area of the library. To report noisy cell phone users, go to the first floor Circulation desk or call 229-4234.


Food And Drink

To promote a welcoming environment, the consumption of food and drink is permitted in many areas within University Libraries. To maintain clean study spaces and prevent damage to books and equipment, please follow these guidelines:

  • Avoid meals that are messy or disruptive so their consumption does not disturb fellow library users
  • Retrieve food deliveries at the main entrance
  • Dispose of food waste, packaging, and delivery boxes in large trash receptacles. If an item does not fit in an indoor trash can, please use a trash can located outside of the building
  • Clean up any spills or messes with paper towels available in all restrooms

No food or drink is allowed in University Archives, the Marian Library, and all other special collections. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited. Please take responsibility for your personal behavior and have respect for the library and custodial staff. To report abusive building activity, go to the first floor Circulation desk or call 229-4234.



Signage that is not related to building events or services is only permitted on the first floor bulletin board, across from the restrooms. Items on the first floor bulletin board must be approved by Student Life and Kennedy Union, and signs must be stamped and approved by that office before posting or they will be removed. Bulletin boards in the stairwells and on study floors are maintained by library staff. Signage on these bulletin boards must be approved by the Office of the Dean, room 204, before being posted. 

Student organizations and off campus vendors are not permitted to post on doorways, windows, elevators, stairwells or walls of campus buildings. Campus departments wishing to have special signage posted in Roesch Library (including easels or lobby displays) must call the Office of the Dean at 229-4265 for approval. Unapproved signage posted in these areas will be removed. 

Building event information may be featured on the Roesch Library lobby digital sign. Please email information to at least one week in advance.



Habitual sleepers, noisy sleepers and those who are sprawled on furniture or the floor in a manner disturbing to other persons are unacceptable. To report this activity, go to the first floor Circulation desk or call 229-4234.


Unattended Children

Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. At the discretion of library staff, middle school students (ages 12-14), who are using the library for school research, may be permitted to stay unattended if they are behaving in an appropriate manner. High school age students (14-17) may use the library for research purposes. Unattended children under the age of 14, middle and high school students not using the library for research purposes and any person behaving in an unacceptable manner will be asked to leave the library. To report unattended children, go to the first floor Circulation desk or call 229-4234.


When classes are canceled and campus offices are closed for the whole day, the University Libraries will try to be open between 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. The severity of the weather and the ability of library staff to safely travel the streets will determine actual hours. 

On days when the campus closes offices in the afternoon or cancels evening classes, the library will try to remain open until 8 or 9 p.m., depending on the severity of the weather.

When the University opens on a delayed basis, the Library will open at the same time campus offices open and classes begin.

Check the library's home page for special weather-related announcements for specific information.