Interlibrary Loan

Roesch Library borrows materials not available at the University of Dayton or through OhioLINK.  Types of materials borrowed may include books, videos and DVDs, music CDs, copies of journal, magazine and newspaper articles, microfilms, and dissertations. However some libraries do not lend music CDs, videos and DVDs, and dissertations.

Every effort is made to deliver materials in a timely fashion and to avoid fees passed on to the requestor.

Interlibrary loan does not procure materials already available in the Roesch Library, the Zimmerman Law Library, resources that can be obtained through the OhioLINK catalog, or resources that can be found for free online.

For more information about interlibrary loan, please call (937) 229-4234.

Eligible users

Only students who are currently registered for courses, faculty, and staff who are currently employed by the University of Dayton are eligible for interlibrary loan services.

University of Dayton law students, faculty, and staff should use the Zimmerman Law Library interlibrary loan department for interlibrary loan services.

University of Dayton Research Institute staff should contact the Technical Information Services Office (TISO) in KL505 for interlibrary loan services.

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Interlibrary loan requests are not accepted by telephone or on paper, but are managed through an online system called ILLiad.

Patrons must log in to ILLiad using their University user name and password. First time visitors will need to enter their contact information before a request can be processed. Patrons should complete a separate request for each item, including multiple articles from the same journal volume. Requests ought to contain complete bibliographic information and (if possible) a citation source. Patrons lacking this information should consult a reference librarian for assistance before submitting a request.

A request will not be processed if it is for an item available through University Libraries or an OhioLINK institution, or if it is a current UD textbook or an online source. Cancellations might also occur because the request was incomplete, the item could not be found, or the institution that owns the item declined to lend it.

Rush requests will be accepted only in extreme cases. There is, however, no guarantee that the holding library will be able to comply. Patrons who require faster service than the ILL office can supply should be referred to commercial document suppliers.

Patrons should allow a minimum of two weeks for the receipt of materials. Materials to be returned must be returned by the due date indicated. If the patron wishes to renew the material, a request should be made to the interlibrary loan department at least three days before the due date. If the renewal is not granted by the lending library, the material must be returned promptly.

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Roesch Library will accept interlibrary loan requests from other libraries via OCLC or faxed ALA forms.

a) Books and government documents are lent for a period of thirty days. One renewal is accepted, subject to local needs. Reference books may be loaned at the discretion of a reference librarian and may be subject to restrictions.

b) Circulating copies of theses or dissertations are available for loan within the United States and Canada, but may not be reproduced.

c) Newspaper or periodical microfilm reels are available for loan within the United States and Canada for 30 days, with no renewals.

d) Periodical articles may be photocopied. There is a $15.00 charge for all photocopies made for anyone who is not part of the reciprocal agreement in OhioLINK, the Southwest Ohio Council for Higher Education (SOCHE), or who does not participate in a bilateral reciprocal agreement with the Roesch Library. This $15.00 fee covers any article up to and including 20 pages. Each page over 20 pages will be assessed an additional charge of $.10 per page up to a limit of 30 pages total. For articles in excess of 30 pages, the bound (not unbound issues) journal volume may be loaned at the discretion of the ILL staff within the United States and Canada for 30 days, with no renewals.

e) Microfiche may be lent within the United States and Canada for 30 days, with no renewals. No ultrafiche may be lent. No ERIC microfiche is lent.

f) Audio-visual materials may be lent within the United States and Canada for 30 days, with no renewals, at the discretion of the Interlibrary Loan Team Leader. 

Borrowing libraries are subject to the same charges for lost books as general borrowers. OhioLINK libraries will be governed by OhioLINK policies.

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Fines and fees

Any late fees or other charges incurred for interlibrary loan transactions, other than the actual cost of the article or book loan charge, will be the patron’s responsibility. Patrons may have their library accounts blocked if they fail to adhere to due dates and other interlibrary loan policies.

Patrons who lose materials must pay a $25 processing fee in addition to the charges assessed by the lending library.

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The University of Dayton’s interlibrary loan office complies with copyright restrictions. In any calendar year only five photocopied articles per journal title published within the last five years may be obtained free of charge. Copyright fees for articles in excess of the limit will, if possible, be paid by the library though the Copyright Clearance Center. Other options include using a commercial document delivery service. Entire issues of journals may not be photocopied.

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