Faculty Carrels

Study carrels are small rooms designed to be used as a quiet research or reading space. There are a minimum number set aside to be reserved on a daily, first come basis available through the Circulation desk free of charge (time limitations may apply during certain periods of the year).

There are also a limited number of study carrels for Faculty and Graduate students to reserve on an academic year basis. To be eligible, Faculty must be able to provide a brief description of a current research project that would demonstrate a need for extensive on-site use of library resources. Grad students must be able to provide a letter from their advisor confirming they have completed their course work and are currently writing their thesis or dissertation.

If you are interested in applying for one of these carrels, please contact the Operations Coordinator at 229-4228. If your application is approved, the yearly fee is $100.00.

*Please note: Although study carrels are lockable, we recommend you do not leave items of value in them. Books and material still need to be checked out at Circulation before being kept in the study carrel. Issues involving lighting, air temperature or trash pickup may be addressed to the Operations Coordinator at 229-4228.