Two-Year Juris Doctor Program

Pursuing a law degree can seem like a daunting task. This can be especially true if you started a career in another field, or face the challenge of balancing your studies with the demands of family life.

But such demands don’t have to keep you from pursuing your dream of a legal career. That’s why we offer an accelerated two-year option that fits your goals and lifestyles.

This means you graduate sooner, can become employed faster and might even be looking at making partner earlier than you thought.

While the academic pace is quicker than the more traditional three-year schedule, when you take advantage of the two-year option you enroll in the same rigorous course load and have the same opportunities to participate in special programs, like externships and clinics, as well as extracurriculars.

Flexible Schedule

The Lawyer as Problem Solver program is designed to be flexible, so we also provide you an option to take an accelerated pace and finish in five semesters.

2-year program:

  • 1st semester (May-August): 16 credit hours
  • 2nd semester (August-December): 15 credit hours
  • 3rd semester (January-May): 18 credit hours
  • Summer semester (May-August): 4 credit hours
  • 4th semester (August-December): 18 credit hours
  • 5th semester (January-May): 18 credit hours

2½-Year Program (with Fall Start):

Need yet another option? We also allow students to graduate in two and half years, at a pace slightly quicker than our traditional three-year program. This means you will begin classes in August, and graduate in December, two and a half years later.

Comprehensive Curriculum

We believe that our graduates must have an understanding of legal theory and the needs of their clients. You'll receive the strong foundation of knowledge that you need to be prepared for the bar and for the practice of law.

Our courses are taught by talented full-time faculty and a cadre of part-time faculty who include respected judges and experienced practitioners.


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