International Law Association

International Law Association

The International Law Association (ILA) is a student group focused on exploring current topics, trends, developments, and career opportunities in the field of international law. The ILA reaches out to faculty and local practitioners to get first-hand insight concerning current international legal issues affecting the Dayton legal community and to gain an understanding of how these issues impact the overall practice of law. International Law Society Constitution (PDF)

Major 2012-13 Initiatives:

  • Explore international law career opportunities available in the Dayton community, including potential externship sites.
  • Expand the opportunities available to UDSL students to travel abroad and experience alternative legal and justice systems.
  • Increase student interest and awareness in career fields pertaining to international law.
  • Provide networking opportunities by hosting local practitioners willing to share their experience in the field of international law.
  • Contact UDSL alumni with insight into nationwide career opportunities.

President: Robert Besier
Vice President: Andrew Seid
Secretary: Charlie Pruitt
Treasurer: Adam Laugle
Event Coordinator: Chip Neilson 

Contact: Robert Besier