UDSL Scholarships for Continuing Students

Students with scholarships are reminded that such scholarships have renewal requirements based on academic performance at the conclusion of the fall or spring academic year. If you have questions about these awards, refer to your acceptance letter or contact the School of Law Office of Admissions and Financial Aid at 937-229-3555 or by email.

Scholarships for continuing students only apply to the fall or spring academic term, not to the summer term.

Academic Excellence Scholarships

Additional scholarships may be awarded to current first and second-year students at the end of this academic year, dependent on budget availability. These awards are based on high academic performance and have renewal requirements.

Students will be notified of these awards sometime in late June. No application is required for consideration of these awards.

Other School of Law Scholarships

The following scholarship applications are available in the spring semester of each year. All documents are available in PDF format.