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Let's Talk About It

01.19.2006 | Law, Students

The School of Law has won an international award for its new curriculum that requires every student to learn how to resolve cases outside the courtroom. More


Law School's Diversity Student Law Day January 14

12.20.2005 | Students

UD law students will share their experiences while a group of UD law school alumni practicing in the Dayton area will discuss career options and opportunities for future lawyers. More


Justice Department Language Toward SIU Inflammatory

11.11.2005 | Faculty

UD race law professor says 'anti-white' label on Southern Illinois University programs by U.S. Department of Justice hurts race relations. More


Law School Places Fourth in Ohio Bar Passage

10.28.2005 | Law, Faculty

Seventy-eight percent of all UD law graduates taking the bar exam passed, exceeding the state average by three points. UD is one of only five Ohio law schools that have reached the 80 percent mark the last three years for first-time test takers. More


Ohio Election Day Confusion?

10.25.2005 | Faculty, Law

University of Dayton law and political science professors anticipate Ohio will be on the national Election Day radar for its four voter reform issues and, again, for voter confusion. More


Who is Harriet Miers?

10.06.2005 | Faculty, Law

Two Supreme Court experts weigh in on the Harriet Miers' nomination for a seat on the highest court in the land. More


Who Decides End-of-life Issues?

09.29.2005 | Law, Culture and Society

Each year, millions of Americans face the situation Michael Schiavo did before his wife Terri died earlier this year but with much less media scrutiny. Experts at the School of Law's Gilvary Symposium will discuss possible legal changes and the ethical and social justice implications of end-of-life issues. More


Eminent Domain: Needed or Trampling of Rights?

09.15.2005 | Law, Campus and Community

Lawyers for both sides of what could be the nation's next prominent eminent domain battle will speak from 5-7:30 p.m. Monday, Sept. 26, at the University of Dayton School of Law's Mathias H. Heck Courtroom. More


Whites Over-represented in Law Schools

09.07.2005 | Culture and Society, Faculty, Law

UD race law professor Vernellia Randall found whites make up 68 percent of law school applications, but fill more than 80 percent of law school seats. Of the 177 historically white law schools, 158 seated a percentage of whites greater than the national application pool. More


The Media Ethics of Katrina Coverage

09.06.2005 | Law, Faculty

Is the media turning hurricane Katrina into a crime story? A law and communications professor says coverage has been harmful. More