Complete Your J.D. in 2 Years

Pursuing a law degree doesn't have to be a daunting task. If you are considering starting a new career as a lawyer, or are facing the challenge of balancing your studies with the demands of family life, we have the answer: Our Two-Year J.D. Program.

The program allows you to begin law school in May and graduate with a degree conferral two years later. This means you save money, graduate sooner and can become employed faster with less disruption in the pursuit of your legal career.

Two-Year J.D. Schedule

Begin classes in May 2014 and graduate in May 2016:

1st semester (May–August): 16 credit hours
2nd semester (SeptemberDecember): 15 credit hours
3rd semester (JanuaryMay): 18 credit hours
Summer term (MayAugust): 5 credit hours
4th semester (SeptemberDecember): 18 credit hours
5th semester (JanuaryMay): 18 credit hours

Program Benefits

Same Rigorous Curriculum — Just Faster

As a student in our Two-Year J.D. Program, you'll take the same rigorous courses as those earning their degree in three years. You also have the same opportunities to participate in externships and clinics, community service work and extracurricular activities.

Experiential-learning programs, including our required Externship Program and Law Clinic, allow you to work with real clients with real legal needs and receive essential hands-on training. You can also take advantage of activities such as Law Review and Moot Court and participate in student service and academic organizations.

Save Time and Money

By completing law school in two years, you can save on a year of living expenses and borrowing costs. 

More Attention

The summer class is smaller  so you'll receive our faculty’s undivided attention and focus, and experience the kind of lively and stimulating classroom discussions only a small class can offer.

2½-Year Program (with Fall Start)

Need yet another option? You can graduate in two and half years, at a pace slightly quicker than our traditional three-year program. This means you can begin classes in August 2014 and complete law school in December 2016.

Learn More

For more information on our Two-Year J.D. Program, contact the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid at 937-229-3555 or by email at

What our Students Say

Michelle Francis: "My husband is stationed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and I was limited in how much time  I had to devote to law school. The Two-Year Program was perfect because he will be transferred after that time. The faculty here are wonderful. They want you to succeed. If you've had a full-time job and can manage a family, then this is doable."

Jonathan Osborne: "I chose the University of Dayton almost exclusively for the time frame. I'm married, spent six years in the military and have three children. I saw law school as something I'd never do, but the two-year law degree is doable. I looked at other law schools, but it was the Two-Year Program that made me want to come to the University of Dayton."