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Broaden Your Perspective Special Topic Courses

Intrasession courses, our elective upper-level special topic short classes, offer you even more learning opportunities. Held during a mid-semester break, intrasession courses are a weeklong, intensive classes that focus on topics that enhance our curriculum. These courses broaden students' perspectives and provide students with valuable skills training.

Special topic short courses also give you the opportunity to explore topics that your otherwise would not have time to fit into your schedule with an additional semesterlong course.

Special topic short courses offered during the 2009-2010 school year include:

  • Legal Issues in Online Multiplayer Games and Virtual Worlds
  • From Plessy to Grutter: Challenge of Achieving Diversity in American Legal Education
  • Open Source Licensing
  • Protecting Rights: Constitutions, Courts and Other Branches of Governments
  • (Religious) Morality and the Professional Life of a Lawyer
  • Values & Ethics: Perspectives on the Profession
  • Digital Music Sampling and Copyright Infringement
  • Human Trafficking
  • Law of Special Education
  • Skills Experience