J.D. Program

An education at the University of Dayton School of Law begins with our strong belief in what a lawyer is: a problem solver. We teach students how to use their knowledge of the law as a tool to help people resolve their legal problems as well as community and global issues.

So what's different about that? We believe the best way to learn is to learn by doing. So you'll work with legal professionals and observe the practical application of the legal theories you've been studying in school.

We think experiential learning is so important that we offer practical training in essential lawyering skills beginning in your first year, with our highly respected Legal Profession Program. You'll receive training in such important skills as accessing and understanding legal authority, and effectively communicating legal analysis. As a result, you'll have the chance to quickly develop the strong professional skills necessary to be effective and efficient.

Comprehensive Curriculum

We believe that our graduates must have an understanding of legal theory and the needs of their clients. You'll receive the strong foundation of knowledge that you need to be prepared for the bar and for the practice of law.

Our courses are taught by talented full-time faculty and a cadre of part-time faculty who include respected judges and experienced practitioners.

Three Options for Beginning Law School

Our academic program is designed to give you a lot of choices, including how quickly you earn your J.D.:

Key Programatic Elements

Challenging Core Curriculum

Externships and Clinical Experiences: Develop real-world skills and career connections, while working under a licensed attorney's supervision for a semester.

Capstone Courses: Specially designed courses that provide closure to your legal education and test your intellectual mettle during your last year at Dayton Law.

Curricular Concentrations: Choose from curricular concentrations that build in-depth knowledge of particular practice areas.

Intrasessions: Choose from a variety of short, intensive and topic-specific courses designed to broaden your perspective and provide you with valuable training.

What Our Students Say

Thomas Hahn, Class of 2010: "Professors at Dayton Law have provided me with a great deal of guidance and support. They eagerly help any student willing to challenge themselves."

Charles Rittenhouse, Class of 2011: "Beginning in the classroom and continuing with the clinic experience and the externships, UDSL prepares students for the practice of law. In classrooms staffed by competent and experienced professionals, students are prepared for the practice of law by being challenged to go beyond the basic legal concepts to analyze and solve the problems confronting practicing attorneys every day."