Academic Success Program

The Academic Success Program (ASP) is the School of Law's comprehensive academic support program that provides academic assistance to all students from the time you enter law school until you transition to the Road to Bar Passage Program during the third year.

The ASP sponsors workshops throughout the year on class preparation, case synthesis, outlining/flowcharting and exam writing. In addition, team advisors hold regular office hours in the Academic Success Program office to assist you in effective class preparation and participation, study methods and time management.

The ASP director is available to meet with you individually to discuss specific strategies for improving your academic performance when needed. In some cases, you will be assigned an adjunct advisor, a practicing attorney and often a Dayton Law alum, to meet with individually on a weekly basis to review and provide feedback on your study methods, course outlines and hypothetical problem and practice exam answers. 

The ASP also maintains a TWEN site for all students. You are encouraged to use the discussion feature on TWEN to ask questions about time management issues, study strategies, class preparation and exam preparation techniques. Throughout the semester, "Tips for Success" are posted to provide you with helpful hints on law school learning.

UDSL supports several programs designed to expedite your adjustment and increase your performance levels:

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For more information on the Academic Success Program, contact Professor Staci Rucker at 937-229-4072 or by email.

What Our Students Say

Jillian Marconi, Class of 2011: "The Academic Success Program helped me get adjusted to law school and gave me the extra help I needed. It was a great support system as I could rely on my mentor, professor, and upper-level students for support and advice."

Stephen Schilling, Class of 2010: "The Academic Success Program was the most important law school 'class' I ever had. It taught me how to be a successful law student, and that set the stage for everything else."