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China Initiatives

A key feature of the University of Dayton’s international strategy is pursing partnerships and forming strong ties with top universities in China. Since 2003, University of Dayton administrators and faculty have worked to carry out this goal by creating opportunities for exchange and research collaboration for University of Dayton and Chinese students and faculty in the areas of engineering, engineering technology, law, computer science and business.

For more information about University partnerships in China, contact our office at 937-229-3728.

University of Dayton China Institute (UDCI)

The University of Dayton China Institute, which is expected to begin operations in April 2012, will provide research facilities and capital venture opportunities to University of Dayton faculty and students engaged in product development. The planning is taking place now for the institute to deliver degree programs, continuing education and executive training to companies in the industrial park. Additionally, the University envisions providing research-and-development expertise to companies through sponsored research contracts and student projects through the Design and Manufacturing Clinic and possibly the School of Business Administration. The institute will open the door to co-op and internship opportunities in China for University of Dayton students and provide a pipeline for recruiting Chinese students.

SIP, a joint venture by China and Singapore, is a modern industrial park in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. It is one of the fastest growing and most competitive development zones in the world. Home to a third of the world’s Fortune 500 companies and thousands of other business ventures, Suzhou Industrial Park represents an unparalleled moment for the University of Dayton. It is an opportunity to establish our first international institute in a country that has embraced globalization and emerged as an economic superpower.

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Shanghai Normal University (SHNU)

Engineering Technology 3+1 Program

Since October 2003, students at SHNU in China can apply for a joint degree program leading to a B.S.E.T. in either electronic or manufacturing engineering technology from both SHNU and the University of Dayton. Students take their first three years of classes at SHNU and transfer to the University of Dayton for their final year. Once on campus, students live with other undergraduate students. Following University of Dayton graduation in May, the students return to SHNU to present their senior projects to the SHNU community and graduate from SHNU.

The sixth cohort of 6 students arrived to the University of Dayton campus in July 2011.  To date, 108 students have participated, with over 40 percent returning to the University of Dayton as graduate students in various programs. 

In conjunction with the 3+1 program each Fall, SHNU sends one or two professors to visit the University of Dayton; while University of Dayton professors conducts classes via distance in the Spring, and sends faculty to teach in China the Summer term at SHNU. As of fall 2011, we have received a total of six SHNU faculty members at the University of Dayton and ten faculty from the University of Dayton have traveled to Shanghai to teach in the program. 

Summer Study Abroad Program

University of Dayton students have studied in Shanghai through summer education abroad programs.  Shanghai Normal University has been an important partner, providing logistical support and infrastructure.

The most recent program has been in collaboration with the Department of Communication. In summer 2011, the department faculty led a program to Shanghai to study Intercultural Communication (specifically communication between Americans and Chinese); Public Relations in Asia; and Video Production. Engineering technology faculty, collaborating with colleagues in history and visual arts, led two programs in the past six years.

General student exchange (Spring semester)

University of Dayton and Shanghai Normal University have an exchange program that allows interested students from each institution to study at the host institution. Courses are offered in both English and Mandarin Chinese; students may study engineering or Chinese language. The University of Dayton has sent a few students to study Mandarin Chinese at the International College of Chinese Studies program at SHNU.

General faculty/researcher exchange

In addition to the faculty exchange with the engineering technology program, Shanghai Normal University and the University of Dayton have collaborated on other faculty exchanges.  In 2009, for example, the Department of Communication hosted a faculty member from the sister department whom they met during the education abroad program. In summer 2011, members of the Faculty Global and Intercultural Study Travel Program visited the campus as part of the three-week in-country experience associated with the program.

Nanjing University

Founded in 1902, Nanjing is typically considered to be among the top five universities in China. NJU offers 74 undergraduate and over 300 graduate programs to over 35,000 students.

Department of Languages Visiting Professorship

In an effort to develop the Mandarin language program at UD, the Department of Languages is collaborating with a faculty member from NJU to provide language instruction at the University of Dayton and further develop the curriculum.  For 2010-2012, Dr. Ji Li from the NJU’s Department of Chinese as a Foreign Language teaches in the Department of Languages.

MBA-Corporate Sponsorship

The University of Dayton and Nanjing University have worked with multinational corporations to identify top NJU students to study at the University of Dayton with corporate sponsorship. Students in this program complete summer internships at the U.S.-based headquarters and then agree to work for the corporation in China upon graduation.

General student exchange

The University of Dayton and Nanjing University have an exchange program that allows interested students from each institution to study at the host institution. University of Dayton students studying at Nanjing University must be proficient in the Mandarin Chinese language. No UD students have participated to date.

General faculty/researcher exchange

University of Dayton faculty may propose independent lectures or research at NJU during summer or sabbatical leave. In the future, NJU will work with the University of Dayton to send its faculty to Dayton as visiting researchers for the purpose of developing common interests in collaborative research and, if possible, applying for research funds in both the U.S. and China.

Nanjing University for Finance and Economics (NUFE)

General faculty/researcher exchange

Professor Fran Conte (Law, deceased) served as a guest lecturer at Nanjing University for Finance and Economics in summer 2007.

R.I.S.E. symposium

Students from NUFE participated in the R.I.S.E. Symposium in 2007 and 2008. 

Recruitment agreement

NUFE has recently agreed to a 1+4 program, whereby NUFE will establish a one-year program of English training on its Nanjing Campus that combines intensive instruction in professional English, which will be recognized by the University of Dayton as equivalent to three toward a University of Dayton Bachelor's degree.  Suitably qualified students will be admitted to the one-year English training program.  Students who have successfully completed the one-year English training program at NUFE will then travel to the University of Dayton to continue their studies as full-time undergraduate students. On successful completion of their program, students will be awarded a University of Dayton Bachelor’s degree.

Nanjing Medical University (NMU)

Medical fields and health care

This partnership benefits students in the DPT and pre-physical therapy programs as well as the local medical community by examining comparative approaches to treatment and health. The agreement, signed in November 2007, calls for collaboration in areas of research and teaching, including both student and faculty exchanges with NMU. DPT conducted a study abroad program to NMU in August 2010, and has hosted two NMU faculty at the University of Dayton for one semester (Fall 2009, Fall 2011). 

Nanjing University of the Arts

(formerly Nanjing Art Institute)

Art Exchange Project

The University of Dayton’s Department of Visual Arts offered a Special Problems course in fall 2007 titled “Nanjing Exchange Project: The Natural and the Artificial.” Approximately 13 students from across the University of Dayton’s Visual Communication Design and Fine Arts Studio degree programs enrolled. The students engaged in graphic design, printmaking, painting, drawing, and digital and traditional multimedia works around the topic, The Natural and Artificial. Student dealt with issues ranging from personal environmental experiences to global experiences. University of Dayton students’ work was displayed in an exhibition in Nanjing in summer 2008. The University of Dayton displayed Nanjing students’ work in February to March 2008. Faculty members teaching the class include Professor John V. Clarke and Professor Erin Holscher Almazan, and subsequent faculty visits have occurred, with Professor Whitaker and John V. Clarke visiting NAI in 2009, and Professor Yang visiting the University of Dayton in Fall 2009 for a series of lectures in the Visual Arts Department.  Joel Whitaker visited NUA in October 2011 as part of his sabbatical work, in a follow up to hosting NUA faculty member Xiaoxian Wang in spring and summer 2011.

In the spring 2012 semester, the University of Dayton will welcome a group of over 20 visual arts students from NUA to campus.

Nanjing University of Science and Technology (NUST)

Transfer Articulation, 2+2+1, Electrical Engineering & Electrical Engineering (with emphasis on Electro-Optics)

In July 2010, a transfer agreement was signed to formalize a transfer process between NUST and the University of Dayton in the area of Electrical Engineering.  After 2 years at NUST, Electrical Engineering majors may transfer to the University of Dayton to complete the undergraduate degree, and potentially continue on to the Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering with or without an emphasis on Electro-Optics.  Other majors may be developed in the same manner at a future date.  The first cohort was admitted in Summer, 2011.

Law School Collaboration

Over the summer, The University of Dayton Law School sent Professor Cooley Howarth to NUST to conduct a short course for students, with the dual purpose of promoting a semester at UDSL for visiting students.  Students from NUST could potentially spend Fall semester at UDSL taking a set number of courses exploring the MSL/LLM programs.  Students may also matriculate directly into the MSL/LLM program.  In addition, future faculty short-term exchanges may occur.

The Government Planning and Leadership (GPALP) Program

In Fall 2009, the MPA program accepted a student from NUST into the GPALP program, a one-semester visiting student program aimed at introducing NUST students U.S. public administration, leadership and technology.

University of International Business and Economics (UIBE)

Visiting Student agreement

In the Spring of 2010, the School of Business signed a visiting student agreement to allow University of Dayton students to spend one semester at UIBE while allowing UIBE students to spend one semester at the University of Dayton. The program will be administered much like an exchange program, except that participating students will pay the relevant fees directly to the host institution. In the future, faculty exchanges may occur.

Governmental Partnerships

Jiangsu Educational Program, Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

The University of Dayton has established close academic relations with universities in Jiangsu Province for a number of years.  In addition, partnerships with government entities have also resulted in a number of initiatives.

As a further effort to develop our programs in Jiangsu, beginning in the fall semester of 2009, selected graduates from partner universities in Jiangsu began to study in the University of Dayton’s graduate programs in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.