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Global Education Seminar

The Global Education Seminar serves as a key element for faculty development and supports academic units' strategic plans for internationalization. The program is an educational and scholarly initiative, providing an exciting opportunity for a coordinated team of faculty to be immersed in international locales, with intensive faculty study about a strategic site in advance of the three-week exploratory visit. The initiative seeks to broaden the pedagogical and scholarly horizons of faculty members, providing them with concrete, site-specific resources and relationships that can motivate and shape revision of the courses they teach, as well as inform additional international collaborations.

The program familiarizes a growing body of University of Dayton faculty in undergraduate and graduate programs, who formerly have had little or no international experience in the target region, with selected international locations as sites for academic exploration and study. Participants will have opportunities to strengthen the University's current network of international resources and relationships that can enrich curriculum revision (including revisions in support of the Common Academic Program), motivate new scholarly projects, and expand international faculty exchanges and grant opportunities.

Faculty interested in participating in this program should contact their department chairs.

Past and Current Participants

Current cohort members are available to share their experiences in the program with potential future cohort members.

2013-14 (Global Education Seminar: South America)

Shauna Adams, Department of Teacher Education
Robert Brecha, Department of Physics/Sustainability, Energy and the Environment Initiatives
Mary Carlson, International Studies Program/Department of History
Linda Hartley, Department of Music
Mark Jacobs, Department of MIS, OM, & Decision Sciences
Stephanie Litka, Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work
Heather MacLachlan, Department of Music

Facilitator: Juan Santamarina, Department of History

2012-13 (Global Education Seminar: South America)

Julius Amin, Department of History
Treavor Bogard, Department of Teacher Education
Umesh Haritashya, Department of Geology
Tereza Szeghi, Department of English
Ernesto Velasquez, Department of Philosophy
Susan Wawrose, School of Law

Facilitator: Katie Kinnucan-Welsch, Department of Teacher Education

2011-12 (Global Education Seminar: China)

Harvey Enns, Department of MIS, OM, & Decision Sciences
Barbara John, Department of Economics and Finance
Suki Kwon, Department of Visual Arts
Andrew Slade, Department of English
Joseph Watras, Department of Teacher Education
Shuang-Ye Wu, Department of Geology

Facilitator: Beth Harrison, Learning Teaching Center, Office of Learning Resources

2010-11 (Global Education Seminar: China)

Chris Agnew, Department of History
Rachel Collopy, Department of Teacher Education
Sean Falkowski, Department of Engineering Technology
Susan Gardstrom, Department of Music
Art Jipson, Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work
Alexus McLeod, Department of Philosophy
Nancy Parks, Department of Visual Arts
Peter Powers, Department of Physics

Facilitator: Joe Untener, Department of Engineering Technology