We have faith in knowledge.
We have faith in community.
We have faith.

As Marianists, we are a worldwide family of Catholic brothers, priests, sisters and committed lay people. Our spirit of hospitality and inclusiveness permeates campus. What distinguishes us is our constant seeking of truth and knowledge in our overall mission to improve the world. We ask big questions and take action in all realms of knowledge — the arts, the sciences, religion, business, engineering and law. We lead where we can and we serve. Because we believe that the more people we help to develop compassionate hearts and critical minds, the better our world will be.

With a foundation built on a promise,
we are constantly making good.

The University of Dayton's history is one of perseverance, tenacity, ingenuity and transformation. The school began with an act of faith more than 150 years ago.

In the middle of a cholera epidemic, the Rev. Leo Meyer, S.M., gave landowner John Stuart a medal of St. Joseph and a promise of $12,000 at 6 percent interest in return for Dewberry Farm—125 acres of vineyards, orchards, a mansion and various farm buildings.

On July 1, 1850, St. Mary's School for Boys, a frame building that not long before had housed farm hands, opened its doors to 14 primary students from Dayton. Known at various times during its development as St. Mary's School, St. Mary's Institute and St. Mary's College, the school assumed its present identity in 1920.

Today, the University of Dayton is recognized as a top-tier national research university and one of the 10 best Catholic universities in the nation. We are the largest private university in Ohio.

A 56.6 square mile backyard with expansive views.

All modesty aside, Dayton is among the most underrated cities in America. It's not only a hidden gem rich in history, culture and recreation, but the city's accessibility and range of activities are matched only by its affordability.

Brown Street offers an eclectic row of restaurants and coffeehouses. Check out an array of nightlife options in the historic Oregon District. Catch the Cityfolk Festival downtown and late-night jazz at Gilly's. View an art house flick at the Neon Movies. Hop through local artists' galleries, take in exhibits at the Dayton Art Institute and the Dayton Visual Arts Center, or experience world-class performances at the Schuster Performing Arts Center and Victoria Theatre. Take off for the story of flight at the National Museum of the United States Air Force. After all, Dayton is where the Wright Brothers and aviation were born.

For the outdoor enthusiast, Dayton's many beautiful river bikeways, recreation trails and spectacular Metroparks provide miles and acres of exhilaration. Root, root, root for the Dayton Dragons, the local minor league affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds. That is, if you can get tickets—the Dragons have sold out every game since 2000, the country's longest active sell-out streak in all of U.S. pro sports. And if you have a fix for Major League baseball, NFL football, NHL hockey, MLS soccer and just about anything else, Cincinnati and Columbus are just an hour away.

Diverse is who we are.
Converse is what we do.

At the University of Dayton, diversity isn't a buzzword. It has been a vital part of our identity for more than 160 years. Inclusiveness of all peoples, cultures and religions is what defines our Marianist tradition. Thousands of our students study abroad or participate in immersion retreats. As a result, you'll find a university zealously committed to creating an open, respectful and inclusive campus.

Before you change the world,
let the world change you.

The University of Dayton campus extends beyond Dayton, beyond Ohio and beyond the U.S., making our community an active, contributing participant and leader in the larger international community. We do this through our learning, working and service opportunities in every part of the world. Through our diverse student body and faculty. Through our commitment to view all we learn and do with an expansive global perspective.