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Scholarships are available from many resources and can be awarded based on merit, need, talent or service, among other traits. Generally non-repayable, you'll want to research all of these sources each year to see if you qualify for such awards.

Awards may or may not be renewable so be sure to note whether they are and make sure you meet the requirements each year. Also, you'll need to notify the Office of Financial Aid of any external scholarships you receive. Such awards are counted as a resource and may reduce your eligibility for other need-based aid.

University scholarships

The University of Dayton is one of the most affordable private, Catholic schools in the country and, among comparable universities, it is an excellent value. One reason for that is our comprehensive scholarship program.

Through generous donations to the University from our alumni and friends, we are proud to assist our students with achieving their goals by awarding a variety of scholarships.

Download a list of University scholarships (.pdf) for more information.

Federal scholarships

The U.S. Department of Education assists with the administration of various federal aid programs.

ROTC and Military Family Scholarships, as well as scholarships for active duty military, veterans and their families are also available.

AmeriCorps, administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service, allows people of all ages and backgrounds to earn educational awards in exchange for a year of community service.

State scholarships

We recommend you contact your state's higher education agency to explore the scholarship opportunities they provide their residents.

External scholarships

When searching for additional resources to fund your education, don't forget to explore the world of external scholarships. There are millions of dollars given annually to college students from scholarship foundations, private business, professional clubs and organizations. Many of these opportunities are noted on our external scholarship page for your convenience.

Begin the search by checking with your high school guidance counselor or library for local opportunities. Next, check with your parents' employers to see if they offer any dependent of employee scholarships. Also, check with your church and any other organizations to which you or your parents' are members.

When you have exhausted local scholarship opportunities, you may want to use one of the many free scholarship search services on the Internet. These agencies scan their database of awards and notify you to apply for those which match up against your personal profile.

Beware of any search that charges a fee — it may be a scam!