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What is the difference between Federal Work Study (FWS) and University Funded Employment?

These are both awards that allow a student to work part-time on campus in order to earn money for educational expenses. The FAFSA is used to determine if you qualify for Federal Work Study, a need-based program in which the government subsidizes half of your wages. University Funded Employment is awarded to any student who does not qualify for FWS and university funds are used for the student’s wages. View your award letter on Porches to determine if you qualify for Federal Work Study or University Funded Employment. 

How do I apply for jobs?

All job postings are listed online at under the 'Student Positions' link. You will log in and create an application which will be used to apply for jobs that you are interested in.  You will only need to create one application and can use that application to apply for multiple jobs. Remember only FWS can apply for those jobs marked as such.

I am not FWS eligible, but all the jobs I want to apply for are restricted to FWS students. Can I be updated to FWS status?

FWS eligibility is determined by the FAFSA.  The financial aid office reviews your FAFSA results and will award your eligibility based on federal requirements.  If you have questions about this, you can contact the financial aid office at

Will my funds earned from working be applied directly to my student account?

No. You will receive your earnings via a paycheck or direct deposit for each pay period.

Now that I've been hired, what's my next step?

If this is your first time working on campus, there are various forms that need to be completed.

I recently began working, but haven't been paid yet. Why not?

Make sure you have completed the required tax forms with Student Employment. You must complete these forms in order to have access to your timecard. To see if you have an active timecard, log in to Porches and go to the HR connections tab.  On the top left portion of the screen is the heading Time Reporting. If you do not see a timecard there, you still need to fill out your tax forms. If you do see a timecard online and still have not gotten paid, please contact us at so that we can determine the issue.

I have applied to numerous positions, but haven't heard back from anyone. What should I do?

Like any job application, employers will screen applicants to determine who should be hired for a position. You may want to take the opportunity to follow up with the potential supervisors regarding your desire to work. Be sure to review all position postings and continue to submit your application.

I am a Graduate Assistant. How do I get paid?

Graduate Assistantships are not handled through the student employment office.  As a GA, you will sign a contract and then be paid via a paycheck (if you have a stipend) through the regular payroll process.