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Photo Women in Engineering Summer Camp

I believe the Women in Engineering Summer Camp is valuable because . . .

It was very educational and I learned so much about being an engineer and what engineers do. It allowed me to get a better idea of what it is like being an engineering student. Before camp, I had little knowledge of what engineering involves. After camp, I feel so much more informed and for the first time I can picture myself pursuing an engineering career.
—Nina Berschig, Newbury, Ohio, 2013 Camp

I had an amazing time at camp! It really cleared up engineering for me. Coming into camp, I wasn’t sure what engineering is and if it is something I want to do. After leaving camp, I can definitely say that I see engineering in my future. Thanks to everyone who made this amazing experience for me. I learned a lot and made some really great friends in the process.
—Ashley McCulloch, Mansfield, Ohio, 2013 Camp

It helps young women understand the reality of females in engineering, and empowers young women to follow their dreams.
Tachelle Johnson, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 2012 Camp

I had an amazing week!  Thank you for this amazing program!!!  My perspective of engineering changed on a whole different level.  I experienced the importance of teamwork and friendship, and became a more independent and positive individual. This camp was one of the biggest highlights of my summer.  I met many friends and gained a much better understanding of what engineering is. This was an overall phenomenal experience for me. 
Julia Shappert, Commercial Point, Ohio, 2011 Camp

This week was an incredible experience for me!  I felt welcomed from the moment I arrived.  I loved meeting the campers, and the UD engineering students and professors.  I learned so much about engineering, college life, and careers.  I always felt comfortable asking questions and felt that everyone was approachable.  It was a good balance between "work" and fun.  I would recommend this camp to my friends.  Thank you for this great opportunity!
—Katie Welsh, McMurray, Pennsylvania, 2010 Camp

I cannot thank the Women in Engineering Summer Camp and the University of Dayton enough for helping me in the difficult process of finding out what I want to study in college.  Ultimately, it is because of the camp that I discovered my love for engineering.  Thanks again!!! 
Breann Liebermann, Asbury, New Jersey, 2009 Camp

It was a wonderful experience that really helped me realize my potential as an engineer. 
Julia Hershey, Akron, Ohio, 2008 Camp

What parents had to say . . .

This program was exceptional in the way it explained engineering to the girls and let them know what each sub-discipline was like. It was also great in that it constantly reinforced that it is not only OK for a girl to be interested in engineering, but that girls can really excel in engineering.
—Parent of Julia French, 2013 Camp

Thanks to this program my daughter now wants to be an engineer.  She loved the camp and benefited from her exposure to the different engineering disciplines.  The projects you allowed the girls to get involved with were awesome and a great way for them to see engineering in practice.  I applaud this camp and would highly recommend it.  Thank you for all the work you put into this wonderful program.
Parent of Jennifer Welch, Cincinnati, Ohio

I just want you to know that my daughter, just driving home from the  camp, is so enthused.  Your camp has just totally enhanced her knowledge base.  The experience was very worthwhile.  She's getting career ideas, making plans for the future on how she might do this.  And even though she's not totally certain how, at least she's starting to get ideas on things we are going to look into.  So thank you again — it's worth all the hard work.  It's a wonderful experience, a well-run program. She thoroughly enjoyed it and gained a lot from it.  And from a parent's perspective that's what I wanted to happen for her — to gain career insight, and you definitely gave her that.  So thank you again for a well-run program. 
—Mother of camper, Germantown, Ohio