Patna, India

Making its home in north-eastern India in the state of Bihar, Patna has been an ETHOS location since 2011. Our program has partnered with Solar Alternatives and Associated Programs (SAAP), a registered NGO committed to environmental protection and empowerment of the downtrodden. It is a venture undertaken by the Jesuits. The organization uses science and technology to serve the underprivileged sections of society by providing pollution free and readily available sources of energy.

Project Highlight: Solar Adsorption Refrigerator

In 2012, ETHOS began a very challenging project: making a refrigeration system powered by the sun in rural India. Due to the lack of a steady power supply, hospitals in India have trouble keeping vaccinations at their correct storage temperature, resulting in thousands of thrown away vaccinations a year. This solar refrigerator would be able to provide a constant cool environment in order to preserve the vaccinations before use. Adding to this challenge of this project is the need to construct the system with locally available resources. In 2013, the students built a new prototype of the system and worked on holding the system at a vacuum for an extended period of time. 

"For me personally, ETHOS has changed the way I see engineering and has shown me how many wonderful opportunities are available for engineers and humanitarians around the world. Through ETHOS I was able to use my engineering skills to aid those in need, and work with them toward developing a better community. I absolutely loved my time with the ETHOS program, and I'm truly grateful for the life changing experience."

-     Lathom Louco, 2012 ETHOS participant, India

"Participating in ETHOS was the best decision in my life, I would do it again if I could. It changes your life to see how happy these people are... they live with nature and appreciate the small things. It is an overwhelming and amazing feeling to be able to arrive in a culture so foreign and leave feeling like a part of it."

-     Nicole Alizadeh, 2013 India participant, India

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