Barombi Mbo, Cameroon

Since 2006, ETHOS has sent students to different parts of Cameroon to work on a variety of projects with a private environmental engineering group. One of the locations visited by the ETHOS program is the small village of Barombi Mbo, located in the southwest region of Cameroon and home to only 200 people.

Project Highlight: Water pipeline

Like citizens of many developing countries, the people of Cameroon have difficulty finding a consistent source of clean water. In 2008, ETHOS students traveled Barombi Mbo and constructed a pipeline, which carried water from a catchment in the jungle to three water taps in the village. The 2008 team also constructed a steel mold to build bio-sand filters to purify the water, but due to a lack of time they were not able to complete that phase of the project. During the summer of 2013, ETHOS students revisited the village to expand upon the work performed five years earlier. Working with the locals, they built 31 bio-sand water filters using local materials giving the villagers access to clean drinking water.

“Participating in ETHOS in Cameroon made me passionate about civil engineering. The experience was not only fun and rewarding, but a great learning experience as well. I now know that I can use civil engineering as a way to make lasting positive changes in the world and improve the quality of life for others.”

-     Kathy Junglen, 2012 and 2013 ETHOS Participant, Cameroon

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