La Paz, Bolivia

ETHOS has been partnering with the La Paz, Bolivia branch of our partner, Prolena, since 2003. Prolena has given our students an opportunity to work on stoves, solar cookers, distillations, wood dyers, and several other technologies for the region.

Project Highlight: Essential Oils Distillation

Beginning in 2011, the essential oils distillation project makes use of a very abundant resource in Bolivia: orange peels. The project involves a simple distillation of blended orange peels and water in order to retrieve the essential oils from the peels. These oils can then be collected and sold by local entrepreneurs for cooking, medicinal, aromatherapy and other purposes. In 2013, ETHOS students implemented a recycle loop to the system so that water used in the condenser could be reused. This improved the efficiency of the system and reduced the resources necessary for operation.

"Participating in ETHOS was definitely the most eye-opening experience I have ever been a part of. Not only did I learn about appropriate technology and work on projects with a host organization, I gained knowledge about myself I never thought I would through the relationships that I made... I would recommend ETHOS to anyone, whether or not they are an engineering major."
-     Christine Canute, 2013 ETHOS participant, Bolivia

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