ETHOS Immersions

An ETHOS 10 week summer immersion is a transformational experience that allows students to see the world in a new light. Students from all majors have the ability to participate in a technical immersion in a developing country, or in a domestic placement. Travel groups typically consist of 2-4 students who work on appropriate projects for the region. 

Program Details

Dates: A 10 week period between May and August

Location: With one of our partners in the North, Central, and South America, Asia, or Africa

Environment: This depends on project and location. In the past, students have been placed in cities as well as very rural environments (no running water, no electricity from grid)

Housing: In most of our locations, students will live with a host family. Otherwise, accommodations will be made for housing in or near the area of work. 

Project: Projects are subject to the need of the location. Previous projects include solar technologies (PV, ovens, refrigeration), biomass stoves, water collection and filtration, construction, and wind technologies.

Eligibility: Students from all majors are eligible to participate. However, students must at least be in their sophomore year to be accepted. We recommend interested freshman participate in a 10-day international breakout first.  

Cost: $1,100 fundraised by student. The ETHOS program covers most other expenses (housing, food, transportation...). For non-engineering students, the costs may vary. 

Other information: Students will take a class during the spring semester before their trip to prepare culturally, technically, and personally. The projects will be a partnership between ETHOS and in-country hosts.