Department of Engineering Management and Systems

Distance Learning

Our faculty brings the classroom to you through our innovative distance learning program. Using the latest multi-media technologies, we create quality educational experiences through our virtual classrooms.


Courses are delivered live over the Internet via Web conferencing software. Access to the live class requires a computer with Internet access, speakers and a microphone.  A two-way audio connection and an electronic whiteboard enable real-time learning.  Students can ask questions, receive immediate feedback and run applications, creating a highly technical, yet highly personal environment.  In addition to classroom, real-time conversations, students can readily access their professors by phone, email, and course Web sites.

Course Materials

Course materials, including handouts and assignments, can be downloaded directly from the Web.  Students in the distance learning program use email, fax, mail or the course Web site to send assignments to their instructors.  Exams are typically emailed or downloaded from the course Web site.  After completing the exam, students submit their solutions by email or fax.

The engineering management and management science master’s degree programs can be completed on a full- or part-time basis through our distance learning courses.  Most classes are simultaneously delivered in a traditional classroom on campus while being broadcast over the Internet.  Students from these environments can interact with one another as well as with the instructor, offering an interactive and diverse learning environment.

Students who are unable to attend a scheduled class session because of travel or illness can download and watch the recorded lecture at their convenience.  These recordings are available to all in the course and remain available for the duration of the term.

The University of Dayton distance learning programs in engineering management and management science were cited for their "robust information technology" and "careful attention to students."  They are accredited as distance learning programs by the North Central Association.

To experience distance learning firsthand, you are welcome to join a live classroom session.  To schedule this opportunity, contact the program director or a faculty member.