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Bilgin, Ömer

Paper published in conference proceedings

Bilgin, Ö., and E. Mansour. 2013. Anchored sheet pile wall design in expansive soils. 18th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, September 2-6, in Paris, France.


Bilgin, Ö. 2013. Analysis of lateral earth pressures on anchored sheet pile walls using conventional and finite element methods. 18th ICSMGE, ISSMGE, September, in Paris, France.


Bilgin, Ö., and E. Mansour. 2013. Variability of soil properties and reliability of empirical equations on soil settlement predictions. ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers, Committee Report Paper for Foundation Engineering in the Face of Uncertainty: Honoring Fred H. Kulhawy, Section: Characterization of Soil Parameters: 298-307, doi:

Contracts, grants and sponsored research

Bilgin, Ö. (Principal). Analysis of aggregate pier systems for stabilization of subgrade settlement, ODOT, State, $455,636.00. (October 2012 - October 2016).

Bilgin, Ö. (Principal). Enhanced models for predicting soil consolidation parameters and settlements, University of Dayton, $6,500.00. (October 1, 2012 - September 1, 2013).

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Chase, Donald V.


Chase, D. V. 2013. Use of genetic algorithms to generate optimal pumping schedules - lessons learned. 9th Cincinnati Area Water Distribution System Seminar, November 18, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Contracts, grants and sponsored research

Chase, D.V. (Supporting). Real-time system optimization for sustainable water transmission and distribution, Great Lakes Protection Fund, Private, $293,745.00. (September 8, 2008 - Present).

Chase, D.V. (Supporting). Developing water distribution system analysis modules, National Science Foundation, State, $35,000.00. (July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2014).

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Crosson, Kenya M.

Contracts, grants and sponsored research

Crosson, K.M. Efficacy of oxidation treatment for the removal of a bittering agent potentially released to water supplies, Ohio Water Development Authority, State, $113,143.00. (January 2011 - May 2013).

Hallinan, K.P. (Principal), M.F. Pinnell (Co-Principal), D.G. Taylor (Supporting), and K.M. Crosson (Supporting). ETHOS sustainable engineering scholars, National Science Foundation, Federal, $650,000.00. (February 2009 - February 2014).

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Donaldson, Steven L.


Abdelal, N. (Author Only), and S.L. Donaldson (Presenter & Author). 2013. The effects of voids on delamination behavior under static and cyclic Mode I and Mode II. American Society for Composites 28th Technical Conference, Pennsylvania State University, September 10, in Pennsylvania.

Joshi, N.M. (Presenter Only), and S.L. Donaldson (Author Only). 2013. Optimization of amount and position of carbon fiber in glass/carbon fiber box beam. Automotive Composites Conference & Exhibition, Society of Plastics Engineers, September 11, in Novi, Michigan.

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Eustace, Deogratias

Journal article

Mergia, W.Y., D. Eustace, D. Chimba, and M. Qumsiyeh. 2013. Exploring factors contributing to injury severity at freeway merging and diverging locations in Ohio. ELSEVIER/Accident Analysis and Prevention 55: 202-210.


Eustace, D. (Presenter & Author). 2013. Safety modeling, session chair. 4th International Conference on Road Safety and Simulation (RSS2013), Roma Tre University, October 25, in Rome, Italy.

Published in conference proceedings

Eustace, D. (Presenter & Author), A. Aylo (Author Only), and W.Y. Mergia (Author Only). 2013. Effects of left-side merging and diverging ramps on crash frequency on urban freeway segments. 4th International Conference on Road Safety and Simulation (RSS2013), Roma Tre University, October 24, in Rome, Italy.

Eustace, D. (Presenter & Author), S. Ponnada (Author Only), and S.-Y. Wu. (Author Only). 2013. Identifying locations with high rates of alcohol related traffic crashes in Ohio. 4th International Conference on Road Safety & Simulation (RSS2013), Roma Tre University, October 24, in Rome, Italy.


Hovey, P. W., D. Eustace (Presenter & Author), and V.K. Indupuru (Author Only). 2013. An analysis of motorcycle fatality risk factors in Ohio. Joint Statistics Meetings, American Statistical Association and other Statistical Societies, August 6, in Montreal, Canada.

Contracts, grants and sponsored research

Eustace, D. (Principal). Developing a GIS-based tool for traffic crash analysis and modeling accident occurrences, Ohio Transportation Consortium (OTC), Federal, $30,054.00. (October 26, 2011 - September 15, 2013).

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Toubia, Elias

Journal articles

Morgan, A.B., and E. Toubia. 2013. Cone calorimeter and room corner fire testing of balsa wood core/phenolic composite skin sandwich panels. Journal of Fire Sciences (December 11).

Lintz. J., and E. Toubia. 2013. In-plane loading of brick veneer over wood shear walls. The Masonry Society Journal  31, no.1 (December): 15-27.

Contracts, grants and sponsored research

Toubia, E. (Principal). Novel extensible design approaches for advanced aircraft composite structural architectures, Cornerstone Research Group, Local, $27,400.00. (August 15, 2013 - December 30, 2013).

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