Lean Six Sigma Events

Dayton, Ohio

Below is a brief description of Lean Six Sigma Events. Included with each course is a course syllabus and a description that outlines in more detail the structure and content of the event.

Yellow Belt Certification (Team Member)

This one-day course is designed for all employees who want to learn basic problem solving.  Participants will gain the basic knowledge and skills to be an effective team member on a Lean Six Sigma (LSS) problem solving team.  They will learn tools such as SIPOC, Pareto, Cause and Effect and Flow Charts. With this knowledge, they will be equipped and ready to help solve the most critical problems within the organization.  It is a prerequisite for the two-day Green Belt course.  Participants receive .7 CEU’s. 

"A wealth of knowledge and a highly skilled instructor! All useful information that I can immediately start implementing" - Sarah M., Manufacturing Engineer, Enginetics Aerospace

"This Yellow Belt training provides an excellent glimpse into the world of Lean Six Sigma. It helps you understand the tools that have been developed, and makes you eager for further Lean Six Sigma exploration" - Matthew D., Business Development Manager, Shook Construction

Price: $399.00

Upcoming 2014 Dates:

May 21

July 9

September 9

November 12

Complete Course Description PDF 

Green Belt (Team Leader)

This two-day course is designed for supervisors and managers. Participants will gain the knowledge and skills to lead Lean Six Sigma (LSS) project teams. They will understand the five-step LSS problem solving process and advanced problem solving tools. Participants learn their role in implementing LSS as a management system and actually launch a project. In most cases, this project results in improvements that affect the bottom line. Yellow Belt is a prerequisite for this course. Participants receive 1.3 CEU’s.

"An excellent learning program that applies key concepts to real world situations. The smaller class size allows for progression through the material at the necessary pace so that the maximum knowledge is gained and ready to be applied in the work environment" - Tim T., Product Data Sr Analyst, Cardinal Health

"The program itself was amazing! Addressing the course from the view of the participants made it much easier to comprehend" - Rajiv K., Research Assistant, UDRI

Price: $799.00*

*Project Evaluation & Certification additional $500.00
Upcoming 2014 Dates:

June 4-5

August 5-6

October 1-2

December 2-3 

Complete Course Description PDF

Black Belt (Expert)

This seven day course builds on the Yellow and Green Belt courses. Green Belt certification is a prerequisite for this course. It is designed for those responsible for a company-wide Lean Six Sigma initiative. Since the information is applied to the workplace, the session consists of three parts; one session of three days and two non-consecutive two-day sessions. Participants receive the skills necessary to coach Yellow and Green Belts, oversee the company initiative and practice working with both groups. Participants will be able to identify, evaluate, select and manage a Lean Six Sigma initiative. The Green Belt is a prerequisite for this course. Participants receive 4.0 CEU’s.

Price: $3,499.00*

*Project Evaluation & Certifcation additional $1,000.00
Upcoming 2014 Dates:

Session 1- May 13-14, June 17-18 & July 29-30

Session 2- October 21-23, December 10-11 & January 27-28, 2015

Complete Course Description PDF

Managing Lean Six Sigma Projects

This one-day course is designed to position you as the expert in applying LEAN Six Sigma principles to projects. The course is built on the foundation of project management basics. We will look at the differences between traditional project management and project management in a LEAN environment, pitfalls to avoid when creating a LEAN culture and examples of success in organizations in our area. This course is designed for anyone responsible for leading a Lean or Lean Six Sigma effort.  Participants receive .7 CEU’s.

"Great flow, order, and pace. Helped me with my project greatly! I really appreciated how Pam personally worked with you to work through your project. I feel more competent to lead my team" - Heather B., Human Resources Generalist, Miami University

"A great class to help tie everything about the project team together. Everyone who’s going to lead a project should take this class!" - Amy S., Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley

Price: $399.00

Upcoming 2014 Dates:

September 3 

Complete Course Description PDF

Standardizing & Documenting Your Processes: A "How To" Workshop

During this one-day workshop, participants are asked to bring an actual work process in need of standardization.  Throughout the day, with coaching support, they will construct a complete work standard document.  If you want to learn a proven method for documenting your procedures, this workshop will provide the tools you need to simply and effectively standardize your work processes.  With these tools you’ll be able to confidently facilitate a standardization effort with agreement from everyone.  The final results of which are, confident employees, ease of training employees and consistent output for the customer.  This course is designed for any person within the organization most likely to facilitate process standardization and documentation.  Participants receive .6 CEU’s. 

"After a day with this course, I see the tremendous benefits standardization and documentation stands to yield for our church and ministry operations. This is a day well spent" - Luke F., Administrative Director, First Baptist Church of Vandalia

Price: $399.00

Upcoming 2014 Dates:

May 28

October 8

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