ISO Outsourced Internal Auditing

Dayton, Ohio

Does your organization struggle keeping required ISO internal audits on schedule and productive? Typical internal challenges include:

  • Your internal auditors lack time and/or experience to make audits value added.
  • Auditor training over and over again and auditor turnover.
  • Auditors are not independent enough from the process to audit objectively.
  • Auditors are not up to speed on the requirements of multiple Standards.
  • Auditors do not know how to do a process audit.
  • Auditors do not understand “core tools” as required by the automotive and aerospace industries.
  • Your audit plans do not focus on customer requirements and satisfaction.
  • Your audit results are not viewed as a tool for improvement.
  • Your audit review and corrective action plan is ineffective.
  • Your certification body has issued Corrective Action Request(s) and/or you are struggling with re-certification.

C4CC can put your internal audit program back on track.  C4CC provides trained and certified auditors who are knowledgeable, objective, and experienced in process audits. Our style of auditing looks at the effectiveness of the process and seeks out opportunities for improvement. IQC provides outsourced auditing to companies of all sizes and in many industries.

C4CC offers the industry-leading program for internal audit outsourcing.  You may request a complete internal audit program; a single audit; coach led audits with your team; pre-assessments; or outsource ISO system management. Our auditors can audit and offer consultation at the same time. Take advantage of input on proven approaches, best practices, and benchmarking that your Certification Body cannot provide.

Benefits from Outsourcing Internal Audits

  • Professional auditors will provide complete documentation of internal audits for your Registrar or supplier audit.
  • Our auditors will ensure that your system stays in conformance with changing requirements.
  • Save on training costs.
  • Achieve a robust quality and/or environmental management system.
  • Reduce your internal audit costs by as much as 50%.... and enjoy superior results!

For more information, please contact Seth Hummel, or 937-673-3732