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The Lean Turnaround Workshop with CEO Art Byrne

The University of Dayton has scheduled a world class speaker for two days in November.

On November 29- 30, 2012, the University of Dayton, Center for Competitive Change will host two, one day interactive workshops and presentations by Art Byrne, in celebration of his new book, “The Lean Turnaround”. Workshop #1 will focus on CEO/Presidents and their leaders with a dinner in the evening for the CEO/President. Workshop #2 will focus on the financial impact of a lean turnaround presented to the general public, venture capitalists and private equity executives. Workshop # 3 will be to university students and their instructors. Art Byrne is one of the most successful Lean Turnaround CEO’s in the United States, having started with GE in the 1980’s followed by a highly successful and widely publicized lean implementation at Wiremold during the 1990’s. Best-selling business author, Jim Womack, devoted an entire chapter on the Wiremold implementation in his best- selling book, “Lean Thinking”. The Center for Competitive Change conducted Kaizen improvement projects at Wiremold factories over a period of several years during the turnaround phase. Art continues to practice as a turnaround CEO for a Private Equity firm in Boston, having lead lean turnarounds/transformations for 25+ companies worldwide. He has taken time off to write a landmark book due out in September called “The Lean Turnaround” expected to be a classic .


Art will present three workshops in the two days he is at the Center.

  1. Day one is scheduled for CEO/Presidents and four of their organization leaders who will participate in an interactive workshop following hearing Art Byrne describe the successful roadmap to lean.
  2. Day two in the morning will be open to the general public with a discussion that will interest private equity and venture capitalist executives as Art describes the financial advantages of doing a lean turnaround.
  3. The afternoon of day two will be a presentation and Q&A to university students and their instructors.

The agenda for the workshops follows. 

CEO/Presidents Interactive Workshop
Why Capital, Cash & Profits Love Lean
Faculty-Student Presentation