Client Testimonials


"We had to either cut costs or cut employees. We decided to see if we could cut costs. The Center for Competitive Change has the right model for working with local businesses. They understand we are not interested in an academic exercise. We need practical, hands-on help to survive. The consultant was able to break through the barriers within the shop floor and build immediate rapport. He was able to take complex issues and make them down to earth and practical."  -Michael Casella, President, FC Industries 

"AS an ISO certified organization, we had already been exposed to these tools. Going through this process, we realized how these concepts can be used in a more practical way. These tools can be applied to everything, everywhere, everyday.The University of Dayton Center for Competitive Change was willing to listen and observe our company. They then effectively diagnosed our problems and were able to explain things in a useable way. We are looking forward to expanding our Lean Six Sigma efforts throughout the organization."  -Rick Mamula, Vice President, United Grinding Technologies

"We were running out of solutions and needed a new way to solve problems. The consultant came to our facility, analyzed our situation and tailor-made a program to fit our needs. This flexibility was the number one reason why we chose to work with the University of Dayton Center for Competitive Change."  -Alex Seder, Business Unit Operations Manager, Moyno