Over 100 Years of Engineering at the University of Dayton.

Over 100 years of excellence in engineering education and research.


In our Catholic, Marianist tradition, engineering students at the University of Dayton design adaptive devices to help children with disabilities gain independence, create eco-efficient cook stoves in countries where open-fire cooking causes deadly respiratory problems and develop solar-powered devices to sterilize medical equipment in Nicaragua. Our students work with regional industries on a low-risk alternative to gastric bypass surgery, an energy-efficient commercial dishwasher and a solar-triggered security light system. You'll benefit from our research and cooperative education opportunities at nearby Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and others or study abroad for international experience. Our programs blend core foundational courses for multidisciplinary studies, and business leaders and corporate recruiters say that engineering graduates leave the University ready to make an immediate impact — prepare for a global profession at the School of Engineering.

Our Mission, Vision, Beliefs and Goals

The School of Engineering educates complete professionals. We champion the philosophy that engineering is more than just a problem-solving discipline. Engineers work best in collaboration with others to shape the world for the good of others.   Click here to learn more about our mission, vision, beliefs and goals (PDF) >>

Message from Dean Tony E. Saliba

Image Dean Tony E. Saliba

If two bicycle repairmen from Dayton, Ohio, can design an airplane, our students can build a high-tech driverless car — or an eco-efficient cook stove.

The University of Dayton is a pre-eminent center for engineering education, research and service.   As we celebrate the School of Engineering's 100th anniversary, we are proud to provide a transformative education, strong in the technical component, well rounded by a liberal arts and leadership education, and distinguished by the development of  innovation and entrepreneurial minds.

While no other Catholic university in the nation performs more sponsored engineering research, what distinguishes us is our imaginative spirit — and a philosophy that engineers work best in collaboration with others toward the betterment of the world.  In our new Innovation Center or in villages in developing countries, we cultivate "possibility thinkers" — students who are committed to excellence, possess a sense of integrity and act as persons of faith.

At the intersection of skill and compassion, dedication and ingenuity, you'll find our engineers.

Tony E. Saliba