Image of class skyping in sport management

Sport Management Project Videos

This year, Sport Management students completed a project for the Dayton/Montgomery County Convention & Visitors Bureau. Project teams created a 1-minute video on how the Dayton CVB might best market itself to youth and amateur sports. Below are the winning entries.

First Place

John Lastovich, Shane Brown, Matthew Grilli 

Second Place

Kevin Weingarz, Kurt Pedersen, Matthew Coulson

Third Place

Michael Xavier, Spencer Pullins, Sylvia Uriostegui

Dayton Flyers' First Four Games

Sport Management students were challenged to make 60-second videos to sell the Dayton Flyers' “First Four Games.” Their videos had to touch on the goals and messages of the project. As part of the project, students presented their videos in class, and wrote up the planning process for their videos in their executive summaries. Below are three exemplars from the project.