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Graduate Course Matrix and Checksheets

Below are checksheets that outline the requirements for teacher licensures and endorsements that can be obtained at the graduate level in the Department of Teacher Education. For a complete listing of degree programs at the graduate level, please see Graduate Academics >>

Graduate Course Matrix

Early Childhood Education

Middle Childhood Education

Adolescence to Young Adult Education

Early Childhood Leadership & Advocacy

Foreign Languages

Generalist Endorsement

Intervention Specialist

Music Education


Teacher Leader Endorsement


Visual Arts


Per the Ohio Board of Regents website, Ohio recognizes that high-quality teachers and principals are developed through high-quality educator preparation programs. The identification of metrics and the report format have been developed in collaboration with representatives from the 13 public and 38 private educator preparation institutions in Ohio, state agencies, and organizations. The Board of Regents worked with the Ohio Department of Education and higher education institutions to collect data as represented in the attached 2011-2012 report. This first report begins to establish a baseline for educator preparation programs based on specific measures of quality.

Read the report (pdf) >>