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Literacy Initiative

Two faculty members at the University of Dayton, Jackie Arnold, Ph.D. and Mary-Kate Sableski, Ph.D., are working with the U.D. Center for Catholic Education to create new training opportunities in the area of literacy and best practices in reading and writing instruction. In 2011 they developed a Writing Workshop that covered best practice study for writing instruction. As a result of this, several teachers who attended the Writing Workshop formed a Professional Learning Community to continue their work and self-study as they implemented what they learned in their classrooms.

On August 15, 2013, the U.D. Center for Catholic Education hosted a special Professional Development Day. Drs. Arnold and Sableski presented to 270 teachers and principals in attendance from local Catholic schools. The purpose of this Professional Development Day was to help teachers transition to the new Archdiocese of Cincinnati Common Core Reading and Language Arts Standards which are adapted from the state Common Core Standards. This training furnished the fundamental information to Literacy Leaders from each participating school and will be continued in a series of workshops during the school year. These Leaders will incorporate the information and experiences at their schools to fuel their work towards adopting these new Standards.

In addition to specialized workshops and presentations, Drs. Arnold and Sableski coordinate and facilitate the Annual Picture Book Read-in which is held every August. This event provides an opportunity for educators to preview the latest and greatest children’s literature published within the past year.  Attendees have time to relax, read, discuss books with their colleagues, and note books that will enhance their classrooms and school libraries.

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