Image of block party outside a Lalanne community house

Learn - and Live - in Community

At the University of Dayton, community is a key component of your education. With teaching as a connection, you will live in community and offer support – personal, professional and spiritual. As a community, you will determine a weekly pattern of community meals and shared time that fits your schedule. Teachers often live in former rectories, convents or parish houses in the cities that Lalanne serves.

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We currently support Lalanne communities in the following six cities:


Image of Dayton Lalanne apartment building


Image of Cincinnati Lalanne house


Image of Cleveland Lalanne house


Image of Flint house


Image of Indianapolis Lalanne apartment building


Image of Lansing community house

Spiritual Growth

As a Lalanne teacher, you will have the opportunity to enrich your connection to your faith and to strengthen your beliefs. Orientation activities, retreat, living in community, discussions with colleagues and daily interactions with students provide times for you to reflect on your personal faith journey. Each Lalanne community is also assigned a chaplain with a Marianist connection, a person who acts as a local reference for faith activities that you may wish to explore and who assists you with living in community.