Joseph Haus

Professor, Electro-Optics Graduate Program
Full-Time Faculty
School of Engineering: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Selected Publications

  • Haus, J.W., D. de Ceglia, M.A. Vincenti and M. Scalora. 2013. Quantum conductivity for metal-insulator-metal nanostructures. J. Opt. Soc. Am. B, arXiv 1309.3263.
  • Vincenti, M.A., D. de Ceglia, J.W. Haus, and M. Scalora. 2013. Harmonic generation in multi-resonant plasma films. Phys. Rev. A, arXiv 1305.5866.
  • de Ceglia, D., M.A. Vincenti, S. Campione, F. Capolino, J.W. Haus, and M. Scalora. 2013. Second harmonic double resonance cones in hyperboloid metamaterials, Phys. Rev. B, submitted (2013). arXiv 1305.5430
  • Scalora, M., M.A. Vincenti, D. de Ceglia, M. Grande, and J.W. Haus. 2013. Spontaneous and stimulated Raman scattering near metal nanostructures in the ultrafast, high-intensity regime. J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 30, 2634.
  • González-García, A., B. Ibarra-Escamilla, O. Pottiez, E.A. Kuzin, F. Maya-Ordoñez, M. Durán-Sánchez, C. Deng, J.W. Haus, and Peter E. Powers. 2013. High efficiency, actively Q switched Er/Yb fiber laser. Optics and Laser Technology 48: 182–186.
  • Scalora, M., M.A. Vincenti, D. de Ceglia, N. Akozbek, V. Roppo, M.J. Bloemer, and J.W. Haus. 2012. Dynamical model of harmonic generation in centrosymmetric semiconductors at visible and UV wavelengths. Phys. Rev. A 85, 053809-11.
  • Scalora, M., M.A. Vincenti, D. de Ceglia, M. Grande, and J.W. Haus. 2012. Raman scattering near metal nanostructures. J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 29: 2035–2044.
  • Ibarra-Escamilla, B., O. Pottiez, R. Zhou, Q. Zhan, P. Powers, E. Kuzin, and J.W. Haus. 2011. Wavelength tunable high power laser using a double-clad Er:Yb doped fiber. Laser Physics 21: 1936.
  • Katte, N., J.W. Haus, P.E. Powers, A. Sarangan, J. Gao, and M. Scalora. 2011. Third-order nonlinear optical properties of metallodielectric stacks. J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 28: 2277-2283.
  • Chimenti, R.V., M.P. Dierking, P.E. Powers, J.W. Haus, and E.S. Bailey. 2010. Experimental verification of sparse frequency linearly frequency modulated ladar signals modeling. Opt. Express 18: 15400-15407.
  • Zhou, R., J.W. Haus, P.E. Powers, and Q. Zhan. 2010. Vectorial fiber laser using intracavity axial birefringence. Opt. Express 18: 10839-10847.
  • Centini, M., V. Roppo, E. Fazio, F. Pettazzi, C. Sibilia, J.W. Haus, J.V. Foreman, N. Akozbek, M.J. Bloemer, and M. Scalora. 2008. Inhibition of linear absorption in opaque materials using phase-locked harmonic generation. Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 113905.
  • de Ceglia, D., M. A. Vincenti, M. G. Cappeddu, M. Centini, N. Akozbek, A. D’Orazio, J. W. Haus, M. J. Bloemer, and M. Scalora. 2008. Tailoring metallodielectric structures for superresolution and superguiding applications in the visible and near-ir ranges. Phys. Rev. A 77, 033848.
  • Ibarra-Escamilla, B., O. Pottiez, E.A Kuzin, J.W. Haus, R. Grajales-Coutio, and P. Zaca-Moran. 2008. Experimental investigation of self-starting operation in a F8L based on a symmetrical NOLM. Opt. Commun. 281: 1226-1232.
  • Liu, X., J.W. Haus, and M.S. Shahriar. 2008. Modulation instability for a relaxational Kerr medium. Opt. Commun. 281: 2907-2912.
  • Wu, Z., R.L. Nelson, J.W. Haus and Q. Zhan. 2008. Long-range surface plasmon devices design using subwavelength metal grating. Journal of Nonlinear Optical Physics & Materials (JNOPM) 17, no. 4 (December).
  • Wu, Z., R.L. Nelson, J.W. Haus and Q. Zhan. 2008. Plasmonic electro-optic modulator design using a resonant metal grating. Opt. Lett. 33: 551-553.
  • Wu, Z., J.W. Haus, Q. Zhan and R.L. Nelson. 2008. Plasmonic notch filter design based on long-range surface plasmon excitation along metal grating. Plasmonics 3: 103-108.


  • Ph.D., Catholic University of America, 1975
  • M.S., John Carroll University, 1972
  • B.S., John Carroll University, 1971

Professional Activities

  • Fellow: OSA, SPIE and APS
  • Member: IEEE-LEOS
  • Founding member and past co-chairperson - OSA Nanophoptonics Conference
  • Editor for Chinese Optics letters and Journal of the European Optical Society

Research Interests

  • Quantum and nonlinear optics phenomena in heterogeneous systems, especially propagation in photonic crystals and optical metamaterials