Christina Chen

Part-Time Professor, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering
Part-Time Faculty
School of Engineering: Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering

  • Location: Kettering Laboratories Room 407
  • Phone: 937-229-3454
  • Email: Contact


Selected Publications

  • Chen, C.H., A.K. Higgins, M.Q. Huang, J.C. Horwath, Y. Shen, and S. Liu. Forthcoming. Bulk Nanocrystalline Sm(Co1-xFex)z with z up to 14.7 & 35% Co-Fe phase and the effect of fluorine inclusion. Journal of Applied Physics.
  • Higgins, A.K., C.D. Graham, R.M. Strnat, and C.H. Chen. 2009. Apparent image effect in closed-circuit magnetic measurement. 44, no. 11: 3269-3271.
  • Chen, C.H., A.K. Higgins, R.W. Strnat. 2008. Effect of geometry on magnetization distortion in closed-circuit magnetic measurements. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 320, no. 9: L84-L87.
  • Chen, C.H., M.Q. Huang, G. Monnette, J. Middleton, A. Higgins, and S. Liu. 2006. Effect of surface modification on mechanical properties and thermal stability of Sm-Co high temperature materials. Surface and Coatings Technology 201, no. 6 (December): 3430-3437.
  • Chen, C.H., J. Talnagi, J. Liu, P. Vora, A. Higgins, and S. Liu. 2005. The effect of neutron irradiation on Sm2Co17 -based high temperature magnets and Nd-Fe-B magnets. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 41: 3832.
  • Chen, C.H., M. H. Walmer, D. Lee, Sam Liu, Y. Zhang, and G. Hadjipanayis. 2004. Fully dense nanocomposites of (Sm,Gd)2(Co,Fe)17 + (Co,Fe) with high coercivity, high Tc, and low temperature coefficient. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 40, no. 5: 2928.
  • Chen, C.H., M.H. Walmer, and Sam Liu. 2004. Thermal stability and the effectiveness of coatings for Sm-Co 2:17 high temperature magnets at temperatures up to 550?C. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 40, no. 5: 2937.
  • Chen, C.H., S. Kodat, M.H. Walmer, S.F. Cheng, M.A. Willard, and V.G. Harris. 2003. The effects of grain size and morphology on the coercivity of Sm2(Co1-xFex)17 based powders and spin cast ribbons. Journal of Applied Physics 93, no. 10: 7966.
  • Chen, C.H., M.H. Walmer, E.H. Kottcamp, and W. Gong. 2001. Surface reaction and Sm depletion at 550?C for high temperature Sm-TM magnets. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 37, no. 4: 2531.
  • Chen, C.H., M.S. Walmer, M.H. Walmer, Sam Liu, G.E. Kuhl, and G. Simon. 1998. Sm2(Co,Fe,Cu,Zr)17 magnets for use at temperature >400?C. Journal of Applied Physics 83, no. 1: 6706.
Work and Research Experience
  • University of Dayton Magnetic Materials Laboratory Group Leader, 2006-present
  • University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI), Senior Research Engineer, 2003-present
  • Electron Energy Corporation, Pa., Senior Engineer and Director of Process Technology, 1994–2003
  • Post Doctorate Researcher at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, 1993–1994
  • University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI), Visiting Engineer, 1990, and Graduate Research Assistant 1990-1993


  • Ph.D., Materials Engineering, University of Dayton, 1993

Research Interests

  • Nanocomposites of Nd-Fe-B / Fe and Sm-Co / Co-Fe
  • Permanent magnetic materials
  • Soft magnetic materials
  • Magnetocaloric materials
  • Magnetic characterization
  • Computer modeling for magnetic circuit design (Ansoft)
  • Computer simulation for magnetic refrigeration (ANSYS)