Robert (Bob) Taft

Distinguished Research Associate
Full-Time Faculty
School of Education and Health Sciences: Office of the Dean

  • Location: Chaminade Hall, Room 202
  • Phone: 937-229-4012
  • Email: Contact


Bob Taft began his career in public service as a Peace Corps Volunteer, working as a school teacher in Tanzania, East Africa, right after graduating from college. He went on to get a master's degree in government from Princeton and a law degree from the University of Cincinnati.

His first job in government was with the Bureau of the Budget in the State of Illinois. He has served as an elected official in Ohio for 30 years, as a member of the state legislature, a county commissioner, Ohio Secretary of State, and most recently, as Governor of Ohio.

In his role as Governor, he focused on improving schools, reforming Ohio’s tax system, attracting advanced, high paying jobs, and helping communities clean up polluted properties and provide better recreational opportunities for their citizens.

Former Governor Taft is currently a Distinguished Research Associate with the University of Dayton, lecturing in a number of courses, leading a political science course on the U.S. Congress, and working with the School of Education & Allied Professions on special projects.