Jayne Goode

Full-Time Faculty
College of Arts and Sciences: Communication


Jayne Henson Goode brings expertise in political communication, new technology, and communication campaigns to the department. Her research focuses on messages that people communicate in order to shape public opinion. Although she focuses most often on political figures, she has examined the discourse of other people as well.

Jayne’s expertise is demonstrated by the recognition she has received for her outstanding research.  In addition to being asked to serve as an editorial assistant for Communication Studies, she has received considerable recognition for her research, even though she is at an early stage of her career.  In her doctoral program at the University of Missouri, Jayne was the winner of the Frank and Lila Gilman Award (recognizing excellence in scholarship in rhetorical studies) and the department’s Graduate Research Award.  Furthermore, 4 of Jayne’s papers have won awards at national and regional communication conferences: She has had 3 top-paper awards, and another top-4 recognition.

Faculty Perspective

I enjoy the collaborative environment and the focus on faculty learning and enhancement.


  • Ph.D., University of Missouri, 2010
  • M.A., Ball State University, 2004
  • B.A., Ball State University, 2002

Research Interests

  • Political Communication
  • New Technologies and Communication

Selected Publications

Benoit, W. L., & Henson, J. R. (in press). "Political TV ads and debates." In E. Scharrer (Ed.).  Blackwell’s international companion to media studies: media effects/media psychology. Blackwell.

Benoit, W. L., Glantz, M. J., Phillips, A. J., Rill, L. A., Davis, C. B., Henson, J. R., & Sudbrook, L. (2011). "Staying 'on message': Consistency in content of presidential primary campaign messages across media." American Behavioral Scientist, 55, 457-568.

Henson, J. R., & Benoit, W. (2010). "Because I said so: A functional theory analysis of supporting evidence of evidence in political television spots." Speaker and Gavel, 47, 1-15.

Henson, J. R., & Olson, L. N. (2010). "The monster within: How serial killers discursively managed their stigmatized identities." Communication Quarterly, 58, 341-364.

Benoit, W. L., & Henson, J. R. (2009). "A functional analysis of the 2008 vice presidential debate: Biden versus Palin." Argumentation and Advocacy 46, 36-50.