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Academic Probation

A student will be placed on probationary academic status if his or her cumulative grade point average falls below 3.0 (see University Academic Standards Policy). While on probation, a student may not transfer any coursework from another university or college and may not receive financial assistance administered by the School of Business Administration. That student must complete a written academic recovery contract, approved by their graduate program director. This plan will specify goals, expectations, and a timeline for achieving good academic standing. It must also specify the duration of the probationary period, which may not be shorter than one academic semester nor longer than one calendar year.

A student on academic probation will be returned to good academic standing if their cumulative grade point average reaches 3.0 or better at the end of the probationary period. If a student remains below a 3.0 upon completion of the academic probation period, they will be dismissed from the program. Finally, a student who has returned to good academic standing, but whose GPA again falls below 3.0, must complete a plan to return to good standing and have it approved by the program director if they wish to continue in the program. In no circumstances, however, will students be permitted to take more than 9 credits beyond initial degree requirements in order to return to good standing. Likewise, all must be eligible to graduate within the five-year limit for post-foundation credits. Failing this, a student will be dismissed.

If an "F" grade is received in a Foundation, Core, or Capstone class, the student must repeat the class and earn a passing grade. All retaken classes, including the original attempt, are shown on the student's transcript and in most cases the grades for both the original course and all retake attempt(s) are included in cumulative quality-point average calculations. Consistent with University policy, however, graduate students may retake a single course one time only during the course of their program and exclude the lower grade from the calculation of their cumulative quality-point average, although both attempts will be shown on the transcript. Please refer to the Graduate Retake Policy for more details.