Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Welcome to the University of Dayton's M.B.A. program — the smartest career investment you can make. We infuse the best business practices with integrated team-taught core classes led by nationally respected faculty and executives in residence. Students have the opportunity to advance their business education under the guidance of a faculty that offers real-life wisdom and expertise. Just ask a graduate of our program — there are now more than 7,000 worldwide.

A University of Dayton M.B.A. is a complete educational experience designed to enhance your career advancement potential. Innovative team-teaching methods and multi-faceted core courses give you a proven, cross-functional approach to business problem solving, in addition to a comprehensive understanding of theory and practice.

You will follow a carefully crafted curriculum designed around four principles essential for developing superior professionals: integrated learning, theory and practice, leadership and integrity. We take an advanced, connected approach to the business disciplines, blending ideas, techniques and practices from across the business spectrum into each course. Classes are infused with the expertise of executives in residence who bring their insights and wisdom to you.

We incorporate perspectives from the humanities to the sciences so that you can enhance your professional understanding on a broad scale.

At UD, you are challenged to put your thoughts and ideas to work. Our capstone courses engage students with hands-on strategy building and direct collaboration with leaders in business theory and practice. Throughout the program, we underscore commitment, courage, and honesty, ensuring that our graduates develop into leaders with integrity.

As a graduate student in our M.B.A. program, you will benefit from business community partnerships, study abroad programs, excellent networking opportunities, and a diverse student population that will challenge your thinking while helping you develop critical leadership skills.

Take advantage of our distinguished, flexible program. The University of Dayton M.B.A. is designed for the best in business to become even better. It is designed for your success.

Admission Requirements

The School of Business Administration offers a program leading to a Master of Business Administration degree. Concentrations are available in the areas of accounting, cyber-security, finance and marketing. Please note:

  1. A concentration in accounting is by approval from the Accounting Department Chair. An undergraduate degree with an Accounting major or minor focused on U.S. accounting standards is recommended. In lieu of an undergraduate degree focused on U.S. accounting standards, numerous prerequisite undergraduate accounting courses will be required prior to beginning the accounting concentration coursework.
  2. A cyber-security concentration requires the student be eligible for U.S. government Department of Defense security clearance.

If you are applying to the 150-hour Accounting/M.B.A. program, please view the School of Business Administration website for more information. Applicants to all other School of Business Administration graduate programs should apply using the graduate application.

Applicants to the M.B.A. program should submit the following information in addition to the online application:

  1. Official academic records of all previously attended colleges or universities must be submitted directly from the colleges or universities to the Office of Graduate Admission Processing. Hand-carried transcripts, official copies marked Issued to Student and unofficial copies are not acceptable.
  2. A personal statement is encouraged.
  3. A curriculum vitae or résumé.
  4. Official GMAT scores (expected minimum score of 500 and a 19 on the verbal) or official GRE scores (expected minimum verbal score of 149 and quantitative score of 146).
  5. Letters of recommendation from professor or employers are NOT required, but will be accepted if submitted.
In addition to the five requirements listed above, International students must also submit official scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), meeting these requirements, and score a 19 or higher on the verbal subscale of the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test). Students may not begin classes until all requirements are met.

Academic Requirements

Program requirements can be found in the online Catalog. Simply select the area of study and click "Explore".

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the University of Dayton M.B.A. program accredited? Is accreditation important?
The M.B.A. program is the premier AACSB International-accredited program in the Dayton area and one of approximately 350 nationwide. Only institutions providing the highest quality of business education earn this achievement . This means you get the best educational investment from the University of Dayton and the credentials you need for your career growth. Meeting AACSB standards is a measure of the excellence and standards in M.B.A. program curriculum, faculty, facilities and students.

How flexible is the M.B.A. program at UD?
The M.B.A. program has been developed to meet the needs of working professionals like you. Unlike "lockstep" MBA programs, we offer a flexible schedule that allows you to take courses at your pace. And, the University of Dayton’s program is offered on semesters, which can more easily accommodate working professionals. Our courses are typically held after 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday. If you are enrolling for M.B.A. foundation courses (which can start at the beginning of a semester or at midterm), there are eight different starting points throughout the academic year. Our semesters include fall, winter and summer terms. The summer term includes two six-week sessions.

How long will the M.B.A. from the University of Dayton take to complete?
Approximately two to three years is the average time to complete the M.B.A. program, depending on your undergraduate major, the number of courses you elect to take each semester and other personal factors. Because all working professionals have different situations, we recommend that you complete the M.B.A. program at your own pace.

What is distinctive about the University of Dayton’s M.B.A. program and why is it valuable?
The University of Dayton’s program is team-focused and combines full-time, qualified faculty with business executives to help you analyze today's business problems and practices. Multidisciplinary faculty teams teach all courses in the integrated core curriculum. Each core course is built upon business themes rather than a single discipline, reflective of true business practices. The integrated core classes stress two vital concepts necessary for success in the workplace: critical thinking and communication skills. The capstone segment provides hands-on strategic experiences and is mentored jointly by a policy professor and an executive in residence.

What concentrations can I choose from at UD for my M.B.A.?
You may choose electives to complete a program concentration based on your career goals and interest. Specific concentrations are offered in cyber-security, finance and marketing.

May I apply my professional experience toward my M.B.A.?
The graduate committee will review your transcripts and résumé and will determine waivers of foundation course work based on your background, professional experience, relevant certificates and training, and dates of completion of relevant undergraduate course work. 

My undergraduate degree was not in business so, what courses will I have to take?
The foundation courses in the M.B.A. program are designed to quickly build fundamental knowledge in all business disciplines including accounting, finance, business data analysis, marketing, economics and organizational issues. All foundation courses are accelerated, half-semester courses that will quickly provide a strong basis for completing the program.

What financial aid is available for the M.B.A. program?
Most major employers have tuition policies that cover all, or almost all, of the cost of the educational investment of your M.B.A. Please check with your employer regarding your tuition reimbursement plan. A convenient Deferred Tuition Reimbursement Plan is also available for students who do not receive reimbursement from their employers until courses are completed and grades received.


Mandy Schrank
Acting Director, M.B.A. Program
Phone: 937-229-3733