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Opportunities & Activities

Get more than your foot in the door — get ready for success. Opportunities and activities offered here at UD prepare tomorrow's leaders, including business leaders. You'll gain valuable business insights, experience the spirit of service and develop priceless personal connections while having fun too.

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UD Center for International Programs

Check out the Center for International Program's smorgasbord of study abroad opportunities including summer study or traditional academic year or semester study. Want to do coursework in a foreign language, travel in Spain while completing general and business courses, find a program in your major or other opportunities working or volunteering abroad? The Education Abroad Coordinator will find UD programs best suited for you.
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International Foreign Exchange Programs

Rather than spending all or part of the summer in one of the formalized summer study programs, you can literally attend foreign universities and take classes during normal fall or spring terms. Independently or through exchange agreements with our partner schools in China, Finland, France, Spain and many more, you can create the perfect international education.

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International Business Club

Through speakers, presentations and one-on-one experiences with experts in the field of international business, you'll be a part of the growing understanding of globalization in the business world. There are many other student groups and opportunities available to those interested in international business and relations.