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FX Independent Study

TradeStation, Easy Language and Visual Basics for Applications are taught as methods to building trading plans.  Each student is expected to open and trade a real money ($300.00 minimum) FXCM micro account.  Each student develops and back tests a customized trading plan using Excel, VBA, TradeStation and Easy Language.  Student results are posted each week online.

This class aims to teach the art and science of speculative foreign exchange trading and implementing a trading plan. The students will learn:

1. to develop and implement a trading plan
2. the physiology to trade with real money in a micro Forex account
3. to use and program in TradeStation
4. to program their trading plan using Visual Basic in Excel (VBA)
5. to implement a Value at Risk (VaR) risk model on their trading plan
6. to research and analyze market news

This class is driven by the practitioners’ knowledge of managing a foreign exchange hedge fund, specifically aimed at trading the EUR/USD spot market. The class will learn how to develop a profitable trading plan, program their plan in VBA and back test their plan to see if it is profitable. They will discuss market news and learn how to analyze the news to make trading decisions. They will trade a real micro account with FXCM which they will be responsible for setting up. They will learn how to trade in a real trading environment and how to create a model which results in profits. 

This class is greatly aided by both its informal atmosphere and the discussion-style of trading. The student will be expected to participate verbally, to answer the professor’s questions, to ask/answer student driven questions and to explore the material fully. The student is expected to read Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Daily FX and any other information that will lead to further discussion.

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